What do the vertical injection machine know what is the knowledge of what is Melt Blown Fabric?

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

] The most direct difference between the vertical machine and the horizontal machine is The design layout, the area of \u200b\u200bthe vertical machine is much smaller, but the higher the machine has certain requirements for the height of the plant; while the horizontal machine machine is long, it requires a large area It is relatively short and can reduce the height of the plant.
The advantages and disadvantages of the vertical machine and the horizontal machine comparison
vertical injection molding machine. ] In the rapid development of the modern injection industry for more than half a century, the vertical machines and horizontal machines have almost occupied half of the rivers and mountains. The vertical machine has many irreplaceable advantages in the field of injection production.
The vertical machine usually needs to use a lifting platform or a small forklift in mold switching, while the horizontal machine can use driving to hang mold and switch. The opportunity for the fast -changing upper horizontal type is slightly better. In terms of mold structure, due to the difference in gravity, the structure of multi -slider appearing on the horizontal machine is less used in vertical injection, and the corresponding structure of the vertical machine usually uses the oil cylinder to pump more stability.
The application area of \u200b\u200bvertical injection

vertical injection molding machine on connection line, various electronics, computer data cables, and power plug lines The products of pyramids such as injection molding are widely used. The characteristics of the vertical machine’s machine can be placed stable and improved the stability of molding. vertical single -sliding plate injection molding machine, double skateboard injection molding machine series: This machine is mainly aimed at engineering plastic. The product has strict precision requirements. One of the most optimized molding schemes in injection molding. Because the machine has a fixed model, the lower mold sliding function.
The double skateboard has a one -module dual -bottomed and the two -mode alternate operation, which is more suitable for the embedding or removal of precision hardware. Some dual -color models can also be shaped with dual -sliding injection molding, generally formed products, such as electronic precision connectors, mobile phone connectors, stagnant circuit components, etc., but double skateboards require two working digits to increase labor costs.

vertical discylore injection molding machine, rotating series: vertical discs injection molding machine rotationThe series can be described as a solution for the optimization of the injection and dual -color model in precision. Because the machine can design the one -mode or multi -mode function, it is more suitable for complex and manual saving advantages. LINE
The disk can improve the efficiency of the machine through the structural multi -station element, so that the effective output of the machine can be maximized.

The multi -color, multi -sets of injection molding application of the vertical injection mold
The application of the vertical injection molding machine in multi -color injection molding, standing The combination of the type of machine and the horizontal machine forms a multi -site two -color and even multi -color molding process.

Tower -type dual -color machine, also called core rotation injection, that is, there is a shaft that can be telescopic and rotated in the center of the lower mold, which can rotate the core of 180 degrees. Double -color plastic parts are formed in the cavity 2. The main application is: A. The product has inlaid parts, the end of the embedded part is injected into one end, and one end can be held (such as screw knives, scissors and other handle injection molding); After leaving the mold, you can locate on the mold.

Multi -station meta -trading machine, the equipment has two sets of injection systems, and the lower model rotates a certain angle of each angle such as 180 degrees, 120 degrees, etc., which can automate the processes of the inner labeling of the molding mold. Unlike ordinary dual -color machines, this device can be used not only for two -color injection molding, but also can be used as two standard historical injection molding machines or standard historical dual -station turntables, which greatly expands the function of the equipment for one machine.

The vertical injection molding machine is also used in the application of liquid silicone forming. The technological characteristics of liquid silicone forming need to be mixed with dual components. At present, the industry’s liquid silicone forming is the majority of the vertical machine. The pipeline of the material injection molding part is more conducive to the use of space and can better adapt to the injection molding of LSR.
Due to its good performance, liquid silicon products have been widely used in various fields such as medical and electronics. The hardness range of liquid silicon is very wide, which can well replace thermoplastic elastic bodies such as TPU and TPE, and at the same time can create a very good touch texture. At the same time, liquid silicon also meets the requirements of many extreme environments. Therefore, in recent years, liquid silicon materials have become a new popular choice in various industries, and gradually entered everyone’s daily life.
The vertical injection molding machine, as an indispensable branch in the field of plastic machines, has formed its unique production advantages. It reflects excellent performance in many specific use environments. The field also has excellent performance. The vertical injection molding machine has also played a new application advantage in more and more areas. It is believed that the vertical injection molding machine can bring more innovative applications to the manufacturing industry.