Waste rubber treatment technology Plastic Pellet Making Machine

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; In recent years, under the guidance of national policies and the guidance of science and technology departments, the recycling of abandoned rubber has made further progress. However, most manufacturers process the recovered waste rubber into ultra -fine rubber powder with a granularity of 80 mesh (because only the particle size reaches 80 meshs, can it have the characteristics of natural rubber A small part is used for regeneration of tires and soles, and most of them are used in modified materials such as leakage, anti -seepage materials, asphalt, plastic, cement and other modified materials. Therefore, there are still two major problems in the treatment and reuse of waste rubber: one is that dust will pollute operators during processing and reuse; second, most of the regenerative resources cannot be used again. Jiangyin Renren Plastic Co., Ltd., under the guidance of experts from relevant domestic scientific research institutes, formed a 5-12 eye-grain deep processing product research group. After 3 years of continuous research, new technology treatment was successfully developed to abandon rubber and successfully developed non-toxic. , Tasteless, wear -resistant, flame -retardant, shockproof, anti -slip, sound insulation, aesthetic, and simple environmentally friendly rubber floor tiles, rubber -planting bricks, rubber trees surrounding bricks and other environmentally friendly building materials products. Its maximum innovation is that there is no secondary pollution, can be reused, technological leadership, and product promotion value is great.
\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; Since last year, Jiangyin City Renren Plastic Co., Ltd. has established nearly a hundred acquisitions outlets across the country in order to increase the acquisition and use of abandoned rubber, forming an annual output of plastic floor tiles 3 More than 10,000 square meters, 30,000 square meters of grass bricks, and 50,000 square meters of trees’ brick tiles Component , and are developing new products such as blind bricks, pussy covers, and automotive deceleration bands. Since the market launch, it has been promoted and applied in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Dalian and other provinces and cities. Since May of this year, rubber -planting bricks and trees surrounding bricks have been exported to the Netherlands and Italy.