Wak Plastic Sheet ExtRusion Line Supplier and Japan’s Fuji Polymer Industrial Co., Ltd. cooperate in the field of silicon -based thermal interface materials

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

ELASTOSIL \u0026 Reg; The brand’s room temperature curing organic silicon.
Watache Chemical Group, headquartered in Munich, will strengthen cooperation in the field of innovative thermal interface materials development with Fuji Polymer Industrial Co., Ltd., for this Japanese silicon rubber processing Commercial production heat -conducting film provides
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The SARCON \u0026 Reg; sheet -like heat -filled gel produced by Sarcon \u0026 Reg; Follow any size and shape, or even uneven components. (Photo: Fuji Popular Industrial Co., Ltd.)
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The purpose of this cooperation between the two parties is to develop new high -efficiency organic silicon components for electronic components and batteries in the field of electric vehicles. Use ELASTOSIL \u0026 Reg; The thermal conductive film and pad will be next year 1

16 [ 123] From the day to 18 , it was exhibited at 2019 The Japan International Automobile Electronic Technology Expo was held in Tokyo, Japan. Walk and Fuji Polymer Industrial Co., Ltd. ( Fuji Polymer Industries ) all produced industrial silicon -based thermal interface materials, but for it Different types of goods. Wak as organic silicon producers in the form of gel, adhesive, sealing or feeding process, providing liquid or paste -shaped non -cross -linked organic silicon, while Fuji polymer company is a silicon rubber parts such as the production of electronics and automotive parts industrial production tentacles, membranes or pads.

Vache and Fuji polymer industrial plantIn the future, the Fund Club will further strengthen and expand the field of cooperation. The person in charge of the engineering unit of the Walker Silicon Silicon Business Department Christian Gimber said, \”We will further strengthen exchanges in the future and develop together to meet the increasingly rigorous electronics and automotive industry The required innovative materials. Next year’s exhibition is just the beginning of our cooperation. \”

Fuji Polymer Industrial Co., Ltd. will be held in Tokyo, Japan

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The first batch of products launched at the International Automobile Electronic Technology Expo. \”Electronic components and batteries will generate a lot of heat during work, which will affect their work efficiency, reduce the service life, and even cause severe failure,\” Mr. Mr. said.

\”Therefore, effectively conducting heat dissipation management has become more and more important in many applications such as electronic consumer goods and electric vehicles.\” In order to speed up the heat dissipation speed, industrial manufacturers are getting more and more and more and more Loen the use of heat conductive materials to produce these parts.

Gimber said, \”Wak’s thermal conductivity silicon not only has high processing efficiency, but also meets the strict operation of operational safety and reliability of the electronics and automotive industry Requirement. \”