Vecental machine emergency: Midunli, GE, Ai’an, Yuyue expand production support Advantages of Twin Screw Extruder!

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The global outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the demand for the prevention and control of the epidemic prevention and control has increased, and the supply of overseas countries is facing a large gap in supply, which has collected ventilator around the world. In order to meet the needs of the epidemic prevention and control, ventilator medical equipment companies have added horsepower to arrange production and expand production capacity to protect supply.

Midunli: double the increase in the capacity and supply of the ventilator

[ 123] Metro recently announced that it has doubled its ventilator production capacity and supply to meet the emergency needs of patients and medical systems under the new crown virus epidemic.

Midunli ’s production of PB840 and PB980 ventilator in Gaowei in Ireland has been used for the treatment of severe patients. In recent weeks, Midunli has increased the number Twice the usual, and seeking opportunities to increase production capacity.


\u0026 nbsp; Far exceeding the supply, \”Bob White, executive vice president and minimally invasive therapy business group president. \”No company can meet the needs of the global medical system. But all manufacturers are cooperating with global governments, hospitals and health organizations to increase ventilator production capacity, and Midunli is no exception.\”

[ 123]

In addition, Midunli also talked with Tesla merchants to cooperate with the production of ventilator. Tesla said on social media on March 22 that Midunli, a medical equipment manufacturer, had a smooth talks with the production of the ventilator. It is intended to solve the problem of shortage of ventilator caused by the epidemic.

未命名.png Tesla and Midunli discussed the cooperative production of ventilator.

GE: The ventilator will flose again at the end of the second quarter

[ 123]

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, GE medical treatment has doubled the output of the ventilator, and it is planned to double the end of the second quarter of this year (non -Ford cooperation equipment) , To meet the urgent needs of the global market.

In Italy, the worst overseas country in the new crown pneumonia, Antonio Spera, the business manager of GE Medical, and his team fought at the forefront of the epidemic situation Essence

Spera has a team consisting of 200 engineers and technicians, mainly providing the hospital with other technical equipment such as ventilator, imaginger, and monitor.

Antonio Spera, the business manager of GE Medical.


At present, GE is working with the local government and non -profit organization to provide equipment for medical staff. Spera and his team suspended some of their daily work and began to install the equipment urgently for the severe disaster -stricken hospitals.

In addition to the installation of the equipment, GE engineers and technicians must also conduct appropriate training on equipment users. To ensure the safety of employees, GE has doubled the number of employees providing remote services. The use of remote monitoring software and tools can not only allow engineers to remotely eliminate machine failures, but even in the kitchen at home can achieve the imaging system restart to avoid unnecessary risks.

In addition, according to the requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), GE Medical has announced on its global official website Use GE anesthesia equipment to perform mechanical ventilation information for patients, and support clinicians to treat more new coronary pneumonia patients with respiratory failure or dyspnea.

172194683.jpg Yi’an Medical: Overseas orders surge in thousands of ventilator emergency production

[123 ]

Beijing Yi’an Medical System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Yi’an Medical) was founded in 2001. It is the leading domestic anesthesia and respiratory medical equipment R \u0026 D and manufacturing enterprise.

Since the outbreak of the global epidemic, Yi’an Medical has successively received 35 countries and regions from Italy, Britain, Germany, Russia, Serbia, Rwanda, Ukraine, Mongolia, etc. Emergency procurement project.

So far, Yi’an Medical has produced more than 1,000 ventilator in the international market, and thousands of ventilator machines are emergency production.

Earlier, Serbian President Wugci delivered a television speech, announcing that Serbia immediately entered an emergency, and at the press conference in front of a crowd of tears to China for help with China Essence

The first batch of 145 ventilator of Yi’an Medical hasArrived on the morning of March 26, local time, arrived in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

The ventilator sent to Serbia is mainly first -aid ventilator SHANGRLA510S and the treatment ventilator VG70. In the treatment of new crown pneumonia, these two ventilator can provide comprehensive treatment for patients with new crown pneumonia.

SHANGRLA510S ventilator can Different scenarios such as first aid and ward.

It is worth mentioning that the SHANGRILA510S breathing workstation specially customized for COVID-19 will provide better portability and better portability and better clinical use and clinical use. treatment effect. 508937702.jpg

At present, this Shangrila510S breathing workstation is being produced in large quantities to meet the needs from all over the world.

Yuyue Medical: Rowing orders from the end of April \u0026 nbsp; daily limit production capacity reached 700 units


According to the Finance News Agency, Yuyue Medical is also urgently driving the ventilator to meet the needs of foreign outbreaks. Factory production equipment runs 24 hours a day, especially the employees in the production workshop of anti -epidemic products.

It is reported that due to the epidemic, anti -epidemic orders such as foreign ventilator and other anti -epidemic products have increased significantly, and the non -invasive ventilator receipt order of Yuyue Medical has been ranked at the end of April.

Fish Yue Breathcare II series ventilator. 鱼跃.jpg

Yuyue Medical will give priority to the outbreak of the epidemic region according to the epidemic. At the same time, anti -epidemic products such as disinfectant and warming guns have completed the output of the past 10 years in two months.

In addition, after the production exercise of domestic anti -epidemic, there is no many obstacles in the cooperation of Yuyue Medical and Industrial Chain. At present, the daily limit production capacity of the ventilator can reach 700 units.

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Output of major medical device enterprisesMedical resources to help resistance

In addition to ventilator, major medical device companies have also revealed that they have received a large number of other types of medical devices overseas orders. According to Mindray Medical revealed that at present, Italy urgently purchased nearly 10,000 anti -epidemic equipment from Mai Rui, including medical equipment and other medical equipment such as ventilator, monitoring instrument, and Mindray will be delivered in batches in batches.

Mai Rui’s SV300 is the first domestic electric turbine ventilator. Crystals.


Guangdong Polart Medical Technology Co., Ltd. said that it received an order from 1,000 high -end monitoring instruments that was urgently ordered by Italy.

Shenzhen Libang Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. Libang Instruments stated that he received blood gas There are more than 20 products.

Domestic gene sequencing enterprise Huada Gene, the temperature measurement of Gaode Infrared, Dali Technology and Golden Shield shares in the field of temperature measurement, all of which have received more overseas orders. Among them, Huada Gene said that at present, the orders of the kit have covered 70 countries and regions, and they have successively arrived in Japan, Brunei, Thailand, the UAE, Egypt, Peru and other places.


006(5).jpg \”We obtained the U.S. FDA’s emergency authorization of the COVID-19 testing kit, which will help provide the United States with high-quality, high-throughput detection services, nucleic acids The results of the test can help medical professionals respond quickly and assist the screening of new crown virus infections, thereby preventing the further spread of infection, \”said Yin Yan, CEO of Huada Gene.

In the absence of the global epidemic prevention and control resources, Chinese medical device companies went all out to export medical resources and help the epidemic prevention and control.

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