Using AC and DC Wire Difference Materials PET and Biological PEF Materials!The world’s first \”paper\” beer bottle was born

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Carlsberg group Bio -base, completely recyclable sustainable sources of wood fiber.
One of the greens of the Gale Group Research prototype of fiber beer bottle.
One of the Gale Group Research prototype of green fiber beer bottle.
One of the prototypes use regeneration of regeneration. The PET polymer film compartment, the other uses a 100%biological PEF polymer film compartment.
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The regenerative PET polymer film compartment, the other uses a 100%biological PEF polymer film compartment.
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A few days ago, the company’s goal of creating the world’s first \”paper\” beer bottle has taken another step. This beer bottle is made of 100%

\u0026 nbsp; Garborn has revealed the two latest research prototypes of \”green fiber bottle\”. The bottle \”public. Gale also announced that it will work closely with other global leading companies to promote the development of sustainable packaging with the continuous progress of paper bottle technology. \u0026 nbsp; These latest progress represents the innovation of continuously promoting sustainable packaging, and it is also its sustainable development plan \”to zero together\” ( Together Towards Zero

) The important part of it includes promise to 2030

Realizing the carbon emissions of the winery in the year and the reduction of the carbon footprint of the entire value chain

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The two latest prototypes use regeneration PET and biological base PEF \u0026 nbsp; The two latest research prototypes are made of wooden fibers of sustainable sources, which can be completely recycled. The partition design in the bottle meets the requirements of beer installation.

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A prototype uses regeneration PET (Polyzhexyl diicate) polymer thinner film compartment, the other uses

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Bio -based PEF


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Aruvonic acid ethylene glycol) polymer thinner film partition.

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These prototypes will be used to test the composition technology, help Carlsberg create a solution faster, and achieve no realization. Polymer 100% The ultimate goal of biological wine bottle. \u0026 nbsp; Vice President of the Product Development Department of the Carlsberg Group Myriam Shingleton

said: \”We have continuously innovated all forms of packaging, as of now on the\” Green Fiber Bottle \”project, The progress makes us very satisfied. Although it has not yet become a real product, we believe that these two prototype bottles are the ultimate goal to push this breakthrough technology to the market. \”

\u0026 nbsp; Hand in cooperation with new cooperation Partner



In the year, Carlsber Billerudkorsnas , and post -doctoral researchers at the Danish University of Technology reached a cooperation to develop wine bottles made of sustainable sources of wood fibers

\”Green Fiber Bottle\”, the project received the Danish Innovation Fund

(Innovation Fund Denmark)

High support.

\u0026 nbsp;

With the joint efforts of all parties,



] . \u0026 nbsp; Today, Coca -Cola Company, The absolut company

and L’Oreal will join with Carlber

Paboco \u0026 reg;

The paper bottle community launched today. The community will unite the global leading companies and experts with the same vision to jointly promote sustainable packaging. While providing high -quality products, it will reduce the impact on the environment. \u0026 nbsp; Myriam Shingleton Then said: \”


We started to develop ‘green fiber bottle with our partners in the year ‘. From the current results, as long as everyone works together, this innovation can become a reality. We are glad to join us in other like -minded companies now, becoming Paboco [123 ] A part of the paper bottle community. Through this form of cooperation, everyone came together because of creating a desire to create sustainable innovation, which is the best way to bring real changes. \”

\u0026 nbsp; Paboco \u0026 reg; Interim CEO

gittan school

Commented: \”All these are closely related to the team! Our scope of cooperation scope Cover the entire value chain and share risks together, strive to make paper bottles a reality, and then fundamentally subvert the entire industry. \”

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