US $ 91 billion medical packaging Flame Retardant Fire Resistant Differente market will increase by 5%each year, and the secret of anti -counterfeiting functions

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

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Earlier this year, Tekni Plex acquired the three factories of Aumko through the acquisition Expanded its medical packaging product (Photo: Tekni Plex) ]
今年早些时候,Tekni Plex通过收购安姆科的三家工厂扩大了其医疗包装产品(照片:Tekni Plex)
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2027 , the global medical packaging market is expected to grow annually 5% . 2018 In the year, the market size of the market covering terminal medicine, biological packaging, medical equipment packaging and medical supplies is 910 billion US dollars ([[[[[[[[[[[[[ 123] 820 billion euros), equivalent to 1670 100 million medical packaging units. The report states that because plastic has durability, extensive availability, low cost and flexibility, it can significantly reduce operating costs. Medical packaging manufacturers are increasingly using plastic as raw materials , Replace glass materials. Medical packaging is also moving towards the direction of preventing children’s opening, anti -tampering, anti -counterfeiting, and friendly packaging of the elderly, which can be achieved by improving the material performance and function of packaging products. According to their packaging needs, manufacturers can, from

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. Plastic will continue to become a popular material for production medical packaging products.However, the report said that in order to deal with environmental issues, the manufacturer needs to focus on the investment focus on sustainable materials. Their research and development investment of paper packaging materials may put the market share of paper and cardboard at

2027 [123 [123 ] The year has improved. The report believes that although it is traditionally, the medical packaging industry is still driven by cost and safety, but now its functions and performance have become increasingly important. RFID Tag and barcode technology can solve the problem of anti -counterfeiting.The report pointed out that medical packaging manufacturers will focus on the anti -counterfeit packaging solution is a successful strategy of achieving a large number of sales.