TSPUN BONDED NONWOVOVENCA composite titanium white color cheap

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

A few days ago, a kind of alternative product of titanium pink -TCA composite titanium white pigment was successfully developed in Beijing Tianzhiyan Health Technology Co., Ltd.Use TCA composite titanium white pigments to prepare coatings to obtain the same technical performance as using titanium pink powder, and reduce the cost of paint.At present, the product has completed the test and application experiment.\u0026 nbsp;
\u0026 nbsp; TCA composite titanium white pigment is a silicon aluminate with titanium dioxide pigment — titanium dioxide composite material.Titanium white is the same, and the manufacturing cost is only 50 % of titanium pink.\u0026 nbs PIPE EXTRUSION LINE p;
\u0026 nbsp; According to reports, the product has the advantages of small investment scale, simple production process, large market demand, etc.Production of rubber, etc.\u0026 nbsp;