Trump: ExtRusion Machine ManuoFactures \”Maybe we will impose tariffs on Apple products exported by China\”

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

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Do Trump really want to collect tariffs on Apple products? In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Monday 123] Said: It may be exported to
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and laptop.

Planning to export Apple products exported by China 10% Tariff \”Maybe Let’s, maybe. Mainly how much the question we want to collect. \”Trump said in an interview, \” I mean, or the tariffs on Apple 10% This is not difficult to accept for Americans. \” Although iphone mobile phones are assembled in China, some parts are produced in the United States. At present, Apple’s products are not on the two -round list of tariffs on some Chinese products issued by the Trump administration.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out that as the United States has adopted more stringent tariff policies to China, it may promote many Chinese American companies to consider whether they move their companies out of China to other places.

Industry insiders in the United States accepted the topic of \”Trump’s plan to tax Apple products\” CNBC TV station interview that Trump hopes to pass right Apple’s pressure to move it to migrate the production and assembly of Apple products to the United States. \”But this kind of thingIt’s just easy, it’s hard to do! \”( Easy to talk about, extremely hard to do.

Increase tariffs to increase the US technology industry 195% Cost

According to the American Consumer Technology Association ( Consumer Technolog association, (123] CTA

) analysis, since this year

7 month 6

, the United States began to impose tariffs on some products made in China. The US technology industry has paid more products from Chinese products

3.49 billion US dollars The cost (compared with last year 9 ), which means that the cost of American companies’ product costs increased 195% \u0026 nbsp;


Some US companies are preparing to raise product prices and layoffs

The Washington Post stated that many American commercial groups support Trump’s pair Hua \”complained\”, but against the use of tariffs to force China to make adjustments. Last year, Sino -US trade volume reached 6350 billion U.S. dollars. Now about half of the products face higher trade barriers. Product prices, and reduce employees. \”Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs have lost the company’s profit of about 10 billion US dollars,\” said Ford CEO Jim Hakt. ] Tariff tariffs affecting the global macroeconomic development

In addition to increasing costs to the US economy, tariffs also have a chain on the development of the world economy development. The reaction increases the unstable prediction of currency, debt ownership, supply chain and market forecasting. These instability will affect the policies and investment decisions of the government and enterprises.

Recently, the International Monetary Fund Organization ( IMF ) It is expected to have an impact on the macro development of the global economy. This is also since


7 month, IMF Organization The first prediction is affected by changes in multilateral trade relationships, 2019 Global


will decline. IMF also predicted 2019 In the United States

The growth of GDP

will fall from 2.9% to


around. With the global company and the International Monetary Fund, Wall Street also shows vulnerability. Since the United States began to impose tariffs on China, the Nasdaq index has fallen nearly 750 . 7 month 6 , the Nasdaq index closed at 7688.39 , but last Friday last week ( 11 month 23 ) Posted at 6938.98 . \”Try to crack down on foreign trade by imposing taxes on our own company and consumer payments, it will only make our original success in the predicament.\” The American Consumer Technology Association Say.

Apple said before that if tariffs were added, it would affect the business of Apple watches, wireless headphones and other related products, but there was no statement since Trump’s tariffs sounded. However, Apple’s stock has reacted -a decline in the extension of the trading day on Monday, plummeted 2 %, it seems that the stock market still has some some Worry!