Tiger mouth to eat!In order to get rid of the supply chain of the Lithium battery for Asian vehicles, the European Union’s 3.2 billion Euro China Plastic Pellets Machine yuan subsidy was finalized

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The European Commission approved a 3.2 billion euro subsidy project that supports the development of electric vehicle batteries in accordance with the EU state subsidy rules. 32 100 million euro subsidy project in accordance with the EU state subsidy rules.
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The EU Commission according to the EU according to the EU The national subsidy rules have approved a 3.2 billion euro subsidy project that supports electric vehicle batteries.
123] Yesterday, it was a great day for European electric vehicle battery manufacturers. 32
Provide electric vehicle batteries
billion euro subsidy

This project is from Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Sweden


A member of the EU member of the EU jointly launched, named European important common interest projects ( Important Project of Common EUROPEAN Interest [ [[] [ [ [ [


[ [ 123], referred to as ipcei ).

In addition to the funding provided by the EU member states above, ipcei The project is expected to attract another 50 [123 123 ] Private investment of 100 million euros. The entire project is planned to be completed before 2031 (the timetable for each sub -project is different).

For lithium battery development sustainable innovative technology This project will involve 17 [17 123] A direct participant, most of which are industrial enterprises, including small and medium -sized enterprises. These direct participants will cooperate closely and have cooperated with multiple external partners, such as 70 , such as small and medium -sized enterprises and public research institutions across Europe.

Among them, Germany is expected to obtain 12.5

Subsidy euro subsidies. ] BMW

) and Obress ( Opel ), chemical company BASF ( basf ), battery manufacturer Valle Tower (


) and Mineral Technology multinational company The recycling branch of umicore . 3.2 billion euros subsidy related companies involved. According to the EU, this 32 subsidies for billion euros The project will support sustainable innovative technologies for lithium -ion batteries (liquid electrolytes and solid -state).

In the future, electric vehicle batteries will be longer, shorter, safer, and more environmentally friendly than the current available battery life.
The whole IPCEI

The project involves ambitious and risky R \u0026 D activities. It aims to provide innovative products beyond the battery value chain. Design and its integration with the intelligent system, to recycling and reuse of old batteries.

The innovation of electric vehicle batteries will also focus on improving the environment of all links in the battery value chain. Sex to reduce the waste generated in carbon emissions and different production processes, and develop environmentally friendly battery disassembly, recycling and refining according to the principle of circular economic principles.

Focus on the four major areas

Specifically, this 32
The subsidy project of 100 million euros will focus on the following four major areas:

Raw materials and advanced materials:

This project aims to develop it. The continuous innovation process enables the ore to generate high -purity raw materials after extraction, concentration, refining and purifying. At the same time, the project intends to improve the battery pack by improving existing materials or creating new cathode, anode and electrolyte materials.

Unit and module: The project aims to develop innovative units and modules to meet car and non -automotive applications (such as fixed energy storage, electric electric The safety and performance required for tools.

Battery system: The project aims to develop innovative battery systems, including battery management software and algorithms and innovative testing methods.

  • Reuse, recycling and refining: The project’s purpose is to collect, disassemble, reuse and refine the safety and innovative process of recycling materials.

  • A radical Asian battery investor

    Bloomberg New Energy Finance ([[[[[[[[[[[
  • 123]BNEF)预计,到

  • 年,欧洲锂离子电池制造能力将从目前每年约18[ 123] Gigabit Wattime increases to each year
  • 198

Gigamina Wattime.

The analysis company said that the next few years exceeds 10

times the growth will enable Europe to surpass North America, 2023 In the year, North America’s annual manufacturing capacity will reach 130 [ [ 123] Gigaming around. However, the battery capacity in these two regions is difficult to surpass China.

bnef showed that to 2023 [ 2023 [ 123] In the year, China’s electric car battery production capacity can reach 800 Gigabit Wattium, about the world 1.2 Tai Tai Two -thirds of the battery output of Watshi electric vehicle.

In addition, most manufacturing capabilities currently in Europe are constructing or planned construction mainly from Chinese and other Asian manufacturers.

For example, the headquarters in China Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (


) and Volkswagen ( Volkswagen ) After signing an electric vehicle supply agreement, it is investing in a German annual production capacity 140 Battery factory of Gigamina.

The first overseas factory in Ningde’s era in Germany was officially broken in October 2019.

Honeycomb Energy Technology Co., Ltd., affiliated with Great Wall Holding Group ( SVOLT Energy Technology ) is planning to establish an annual power generation year before 2025 24 Gigabit Wattime European base.

lg-chem , Samsung, Samsung



SK-inNovation Korean manufacturers, including, are planning to expand their business in Europe. Strive to get rid of the dependence of the Asian electric vehicle battery supply chain At present, the production of electric vehicle batteries in Europe is getting more The more relying on Asia, the production of electric vehicle batteries in Asia accounted for the global total 80%
, and the output of Europe is only

Europe is worried about it.

These Asian companies’ radical investment plans forced EU leaders to seek to cultivate local industries and prevent Europe from Europe The mainland’s automobile business is overly dependent on Asian battery giants. The European Commission warned in a report published by the European Commission 4

Monthly warned: \”EU’s high dependence on battery imports may make cars cars cars The industry faces high costs and high risks in the supply chain, and weakens the competitiveness of the automotive industry and foreign competitors. \” Germany and France have taken action in Europe. For example, the European Union in the European Union (

EUROPEAN BATTER Alliance , which was established in , Encourage European industry to create a battery \”Airbus\”. It is reported that the European Battery Alliance’s investment in battery manufacturing value chain will reach

billion euros (about

] 1130

100 million US dollars).

This investment aims to by establishing 15 to 25

Family lithium ion thousands The Muwa time factory, realized the battery demand of Gigamita Wattime every year 2025 A year ago 400 Gigabit Wattime, but the European Commission did not do It is clearly pointing out whether the investment factories include a battery factory built by Asian companies in Europe.

\”European battery production is of strategic significance for European economy and society. It has potential in clean energy travel, creation of employment, sustainable development and competitiveness.\” ( Europe Fit forThe Digital Age ) The Executive Vice President Margaret Westiger ( Margrethe Vestager ) said.

She believes that 32 The subsidy project paved the way for the government departments of several member states and the industry, so that they could gather to gatherTogether, promote the innovation of new energy vehicle batteries, and will have a positive spillover effect in the industrial sector and region.\”The approved 32 100 million euros assistance can ensure that this important project can continue in the situation of healthy competition.\” Margaret Westa TetaGe added. 32 billion -euro subsidies will bring about the production of the production of domestic electric vehicle batteries, we will wait and see.

Source: EU and DW official website [123]