This Italian company printed 100 ventilator valves in 24 hours, China Plastic Sheet Extruder3D printing as an epidemic prevention and control contribution

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has quickly upgraded overseas, the consumption of medical resources has increased, and various epidemic prevention materials are in short supply. A few days ago, the intensive ward of a hospital in Italy urgently needed ventilator valves, but faced the problem of short supply.
Fortunately, a 3D printing enterprise named Isinnova’s 3D printer for the local area helped this hospital to solve the urgent urgency. Isinnova was designed for only 24 hours and printed 100 3D ventilator valves. According to reports, Isinnova has sent the first 100 respiratory valves to the hospital for emergency use.

This is a valve that connects to the ventilator to the ventilator. The valve can be used up to 8 hours at a time. It is reported that the holes of the valve are very small, the wall is very thin, less than 0.8mm. It is not easy to print 3D printing. At the same time, it is necessary to meet the medical -grade production requirements. And this company uses a simple long silk extrusion system to produce 3D printing ventilator valves.


3D printing the breathing valve (picture source: isinnova).

Subsequently, another local company Lonati \u0026 Nbsp; SPA can also use polymer laser powder 3D printing technology in nearby factories to produce more breathing technology Machine valve.

During the epidemic, 3D printing has played an important role in preventing and controlling the epidemic prevention and control with the advantages of fast, customized, and efficient.

A separate mask of the mouth and nose to prevent the foggy of the glasses
In the case of wearing a mask for a long time, the inside of the mask is easy to humid and discomfort. When the mask, the glasses are prone to fog.

For this reason, the Westan 3D printing company from Xiamen produced this KN95 · \u0026 NBSP; dual airflow · mouth and nose separation mask during the epidemic situation. God, let users be safe and comfortable.



According to reports, the product conforms China Inspection Standard GB2626-2006 \u0026 NBSP; KN95, sent the national testing agency to test the standards of KN98 or higher, which greatly exceeds the standard of KN95.

The oral and nose separation mask is an upgraded version of the traditional mask. It separates the mouth and nasal cavity to form two new air ventilation channels to effectively avoid the mouth of the mouth that contains various odors and germs. And the air flow circulation is faster and the breathing is more unobstructed. The material also uses food -grade PP.

Comfortable, safe, environmentally friendly 3D printed mask adjustmentInstrument

In order to bring comfort and peace of mind to the medical staff, Koschuang Asia -Pacific Innovation Center made a 3D printed mask regulator.
In terms of material selection, the regulator uses Koschuang thermoplastic polyurethane TPU material. It has high elasticity, soft and hard, and relieves long -term discomfort while wearing discomfort. It is also safe and environmentally friendly. It can be cleaned with soap or bleaching agent and alcohol disinfection. It supports repeated use multiple times.


In addition Sporting shoes printing technology, producing \”wear resistance, breathable, flexible, non -slip, environmental protection and recyclable\”, which can effectively reduce the mask regulator that causes discomfort to the ears when wearing a mask.


The P4U+TPU printing wire used in this \”mask regulator\” is jointly developed by Pican’s Xi’an New Material R \u0026 D Center and Wanhua Chemical.


Peak also quickly iterates the product in a \”increasing magic sticker\” method. The newly added magic stickers can wear non -woven hats, and there will be no ups and downs. Stability, let the mask and ears form a triangle area so that the suffering of the ears no longer occurs. 150584390.jpg

Repeated individualized 3D printing mask

Recent The company and other institutions use 3D printing technology to quickly complete individualized 3D printing protective mask products, optimization, and finished product production.

The R \u0026 D team mainly carried out three -dimensional models based on the head and facial scanning data of the wearer. It can complete 1 individual protective mask in 2 hours, and can be reused after disinfection. 920648464.jpg

The 3D printed mask is customized by individualized, which can accurately attach user facial skin, can be large In order to enhance gas tightness, reduce local compression, greatly enhance the adaptability and relative confinement of the mask, and alleviate the ear pain caused by the wearing mask.
The adjustable buckle design can be adjusted according to the personal head type, which makes the mask more fit, the protection is more in place, and it is not easy to slip. At the same time, it can reduce the consumption of the mask.

Unmanned manufacturing 3D printing mirror is more anti -foggy, more quality light

Hunan cloud arrowGroup Co., Ltd. uses its own 3D printing technology reserves. The medical goggles produced not only 3/4 of the lens anti -fog effect, high sealing, and only ordinary goggles. Essence


During the production process, the position of wearing holes on both sides and optimizing facial curves were improved, which improved more than a dozen times, which improved more than a dozen times. Essence

The company said that 3D print Unmanned manufacturing, reducing the spread of epidemic, can also share data models, realize network coordinated production, and improve parallel production efficiency.

202002101146140944.jpg The first new type of coronary virus lung infection in the country 3D model

Recently, the country’s first new coronary virus lung infection case 3D model successfully modeling and completing printing to print Essence

The CT data of the lung lesions in the infected person was 5 days of CT data for 5 days, and the 3D printing delivery dealer-shaped technology relies on Stratasys \u0026 NBSP; J750 printer and Polyjet material to flexibly regulate Shaw’s hardness, transparency and color. Conditions for a new type of coronary virus infection.


In the model, the glass -like image characteristics of the new coronary virus can be clear Ground analysis and interpretation of cases.

3D printing the door device

During the epidemic, preventing direct contact with items can reduce the chance of infection. To this end, the Belgian 3D printing company \u0026 nbsp; Materials \u0026 nbsp ; I designed a 3D printing to touch the door, so that people can open the door with their arms to avoid direct contact between hands and door handles.


any 3D printer using a 3D printer People can download this design file on the official website of Materials and print it out within a few hours.
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