This company provides new thermal management technology to the Plastic Pelletizer Machine, which can greatly improve the level of battery life

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Ti Fluid Systems, a technology supplier of automobile fuel system technology, recently announced that it has begun to produce new hot management products, assembly and technologies, and support the new models of Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4 electric vehicles. ID.3 is the first compact hatchback car launched by Volkswagen, and it is also the first mass -produced model it is based on the modular electrical driver matrix (MEB) technology. The ID.4 compact electric SUV will be launched. \”We are glad to announce the launch of these new battery electric vehicle components. Through this product line, Ti Fluid Systems will take another important step. In the future Systems President and CEO Bill Kozyra commented. The new type of thermal management technology uses the heat pump technology that uses R744 (also known as CO2) cooling agent to provide hot and cold control to create a comfortable carriage environment. It can improve operational efficiency under certain conditions and greatly improve the battery life. FCS-IMG-08.JPGTI Fluid Systems assembles the heat pump module and electric valve, battery, bracket, and condenser with related high-voltage aluminum tubes. The assembly of the heat pump module is completed by the Ti Fluid System in the JABLONEC PLANT factory in the Czech Republic. Ti Fluid Systems will also provide a chassis thermal coolant carrier composed of a variety of materials such as light engineering polymers. TIFS also put into production of a new factory in Moro Columbers, supplied to the electric vehicle market. The factory supplies the finished hose to Potaster in Spain for the final assembly and verification test.