This black pigment can be used to extend the service life of the Plastic Ministry of Plastic Melt Blown Non Woven Machine!

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Non Woven spunbond machine
Use Bayferrox \u0026 Nbsp; 303T black paint The thermal decomposition of the polymer matrix will be reduced due to the low heating rate. In addition, the temperature difference between day and night has also been greatly reduced. Therefore, plastic components are rarely connected with the heat mechanical stress that may cause cracks or even burst.
Infrared reflection to extend the service life of black plastic
Due to the influence of solar radiation, Bayferrox \u0026 Nbsp; 303 \u0026 nbsp; T coloring plastic roof and factor elements are not easily heated, which means that the temperature inside the building is reduced. Langson inorganic pigment (IPG) business department plastic business global market manager Stefano \u0026 nbsp; Bartolucci said: \”Compared with the use of traditional black pigments, the temperature in the temperature of the polymer substrate in the color polybody of Bayferrox \u0026 NBSP; 8 ° C. \”This improved the indoor climate, thereby reducing the energy consumption of air conditioning. \”
] Special Chemical Company Langsheng developed a black pigment, more than traditional products than traditional products Reflected 20%of the sun near infrared radiation (NIR).
\” In addition to being applied to outdoor operations, the characteristics of Bayferrox \u0026 Nbsp; 303 \u0026 Nbsp; T also make it suitable for use in the automotive industry, such as instrument boards exposed to high -lasting solar radiation. Our pigments have made important contributions to the heat dissemination of the passenger compartment, \”\u0026 nbsp; Bartolucci said.