The world’s most what is Melt Blown Fabric precision micro -injection machine

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Lu Xinrong, Vice President of the Micro System Technology Center of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, showed the media to show the world’s most accurate micro -injection machine (micro -nano) at the opening ceremony of the micro -system technology center. \u0026 nbsp;

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Lu Xinrong introduced that micro -micro -injection machines are current The locking force can reach two tons. He explained that the general injection molding mechanism was aggregated with horizontal and obliquely, but the most accurate machine aggregated from top to bottom to ground, which can greatly improve accuracy. \u0026 nbsp;

Lu Xinrong pointed out that this world’s most accurate micro -injection machine can make small parts such as half a dice, suitable for producing some high accuracy parts. For example, medical products for surgical use can be implanted with plastic medical parts of the body. In addition, you can also apply to the shot of a mobile phone, the gear of the watch. \u0026 nbsp;

Lu Xinrong said that in addition to making parts, this machine can also conduct research and collection of data to help Hong Kong’s industrial industry design industrial miniature injection molding machines, thereby improving product quality and strengthening competitiveness. \u0026 nbsp;

It is understood that it was more than 11.83 million yuan in the Innovation Science and Technology Fund in 2003 to develop a series of miniature micro -injection machines to produce miniature products and parts that the current machines failed to achieve. Recently, the Guangdong Hong Kong Science and Technology Cooperation Fund Plan also funded 8.8 million Hong Kong dollars to the Dazhong, and intelligent micro -injection technology used to develop micro -parts.