The United States has developed a new type of nanomaterials that are not even Melt SPINNINING MACHINE Price

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

] Researchers at Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, have developed a new type of nanomaterials that are not stained with water vapor. ] Drip water does not stick
The United States has developed a new type of nano -material that is not stained with water vapor.
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According to researchers Introduction, when the droplets fall to the surface of an object, there are usually two cases: First, the surface of the object is still \” lock There is a thin layer of gases, and the droplets float on this layer of gas without staining on the surface of the object; one is that there is no gas between the two, the droplets are tightly exposed to the surface of the object, and they are restricted or sticky on it.

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The imitation lotus developed by people in the past Leaf waterproof materials can only work in the first case, and they allow the materials to work effectively in the second case. \u0026 nbsp;

\” [123 ] The hydrophobicity of the lotus leaf surface depends on a layer of gases under the liquid, but this layer of gas is easily destroyed, which makes it lose water sparse performance, Assistant responsible for research Professor Huang De Sheng explained that


Our research uses liquid lubricant to replace the gas, which greatly improves the performance of the surface non -dipped water. \” 123]

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In order to obtain this non -dipped surface, the researchers used nanotechnology to process nano -structures on the silicon wafer \”123] Pillar \” , then poured a layer of liquid lubricant into the nano structure to reduce the viscosity of droplets. \u0026 nbsp;

The personnel tilt the surface 30

degree, take 5 Put the slightly rising water droplets on the surface to slide it. The test results confirmed that even if there is no gas under the liquid droplet, this surface can still be achieved \” Do not stick water , its it The hydrophobic performance far exceeds the previous bionic structures.

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The first author of the relevant paper Xianming pointed out that in addition to silicon materials, metal, glass, ceramics and plastic can also be used to design such non -dipped water materials. In industries, such materials have important application value, such as can be used to improve the condensation and heat exchange performance of heat exchangers of power plants, and can also prevent safety accidents caused by icing and frosting wings. \u0026 nbsp; This study has recently been in the United States recently \” ACS Nanomy\” Journal is published online.