The styling design of the injection molding machine Melt Blown Nonwoven Machine

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

The shape design of the injection molding machine belongs to the category of \”industrial design\”. Industrial design is an emerging marginal discipline in modern times. It is the image of application engineering technology and artistic means designing and shaping products. Obtained a creative design of people (products) -environmental harmony. With the advancement of the times, the development of science and technology, the improvement and changes of people’s aesthetic concepts, the shape design of the injection molding machine, the same as other injection molding machines, constantly changes to high levels. There are many factors that affect the design of product modeling. However, the modeling design of modern products mainly emphasizes the meetings of people and society, enables beautiful, delicate and pleasant products to live and production activities, and improve the level of social material civilization and spiritual civilization. Essence This is the main basis and starting point of the design of modern injection molding machines.

1 The era of the shape of the injection molding machine

\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; The spiritual significance is in line with the characteristics of the times. These \”shape\”, \”color\”, and \”quality\” with special infectious power will show the characteristics of the times that reflect the scientific level of the times and the contemporary aesthetic concept. This is the age of the product.

From the 1960s to the 1970s, due to the further development of science and technology, especially the emergence of a large number of new materials and new processes, the product shape has the possibility of refining, simple, and changeable in the production process; so The straight rectangle appeared and then the trapezoidal shape that broke the uniformity of the straight unification with static and static, and activated the atmosphere of visual art.
\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; after the 1980s, due to large -scale integrated circuits, CNC, microcomputer, electromechanical integration and other technical forms, new materials and new processes such as plastic plating, engineering injection molding are endless, industrial industrial Show a larger and higher development trend. Under this diverse situation, people’s aesthetic requirements and standards from reason to concepts are changing qualitatively. As a product shape, it truly reflects people’s bold and persistent pursuit of high -tech, choosing geometric body shapes, so that the layout and composition are more concise and bright, rational Sheet Board Extrusion line Performance has naturally become the fashion of modern products.
\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; and analyzed from the color of the product, after the 1960s to the 1970s, the color tone gradually became dark, cold to warm, and monotonous. With the development of the space industry in recent years, people have strongly reflected their strong pursuit and love for interstellar exchanges through product modeling color.\”Cosmic color\”. \u0026 nbsp;
\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; 2 product color design and proportion design

\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; question.

\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; 2.1 color design

In the image of the entire product, the first acting on human visual feelings can be said to be \”first offered\”. If the product color is well handled, it can be coordinated or made up for some shortcomings in the shape, making it like flowers, more perfect, and it is easy to win the favor of consumers, and the effect of getting less effort is received. Conversely, if the color of the product is improperly handled, it will not only affect the play of the product function, destroy the overall beauty of the product shape, but also easily destroy people’s work emotions. The operator’s attention and reduce work efficiency. Therefore, in the shape of the product, color design is an important task that cannot be ignored, and the choice of color tones is crucial.

\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; color tone is the overall color feeling of the injection molding machine at a glance. Susline or kind, bright and so on. The choice of color should be particularly cautious. Generally, it can be artificially determined according to the use, function, structure, times, and the good and evil of users. The determined standard is the consistency of the color, the color -to -colored shape, and the shape of the shape. The determination of color tones generally refer to the following points: \u0026 nbsp;
\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; (1) The warm color with warm colors will be cold.

\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; (2) The main tone with high color and warm color can make people feel excited and excited, and the low -color cold color can make people think calm. \u0026 nbsp;

\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; (3) The high clever tone is light, bright, and low -color tone and solemn.

\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; In short, color tones are color design elements that dominate and unified global effects in the overall color sensation.

2.2 ratio scale design

\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; correct proportions and scale are the basis and framework of perfect shape. Generally speaking, as long as the proportion does not violate product functions and material technical conditions, it can be combined in multiple changes to show the overall shape and local or local and partiality, such as the relationship between the size of the size, the size of the size. scaleIt is relatively fixed. It refers to the degree and scope of the size of the shape and the size of the human body or the size of the human body or a certain standard. If the shape is only a good ratio without the correct fixed scale, the design will definitely be attributed to failure. Therefore, the order of the correct modeling design should first determine the scale, and then determine the proportion of the modeling according to the scale and adjust.

The proportional scale of the shape should be made and coordinated according to various factors of the influence combination. These factors basically include factors: function, material technical conditions, aesthetic fashion. Coordinated modeling objects are not only beautiful, but also reasonable, which can give people a comfortable and intimate feeling. Several proportional relationships commonly used in injection molding machines are: \u0026 nbsp;

(1) Gold division

Gold segmentation from ancient times to the present, has been recognized as the most beautiful scale, many beautiful scenery in nature, many beautiful scenery in nature The composition is reflected in the golden segmentation ratio. The preferred method promoted by Chinese mathematician Hua Luogeng is also 0.618. The golden segmentation ratio is based on the optimal number of 0.618 as the base, so that the ratio of the two -line segment that constitutes the proportion is 0.618. This ratio has the visual characteristics of human beings and the inner scale of the human body. Its proportions are beautiful, changing and changing, and have certain rules and sense of stability.
(2) The ratio of the equity square root

If the short side is 1 in the rectangular shape, when applying these unreasonable columns to the long side design, it will appear on the geometric graphic Nature and very regular repetition, that is, this is the proportion of the balance. This proportional relationship has a harmonious and coordinated dynamic balance beauty, so it is widely used.
(3) Modular theory

Modular theory is a school view in the artistic shape. They believe that the shape of the beauty from the whole to the part, from partial to detail, is derived from one or several types of mold numbers. The size series containing a common proportional factor is an inherent law. It starts from the absolute scale of the human body. Choose a person’s high, high head, height, high navel, and dangling height to 4 basic points (they are 2 \u0026 nbsp; 260 \u0026 nbsp; mm, 1 \u0026 nbsp; 830 \u0026 nbsp; mm, 1 \u0026 nbsp; 130 \u0026 nbsp; mm , 860 \u0026 nbsp; mm), after inserting the corresponding values, the following two sets of Ferpona -level numbers are formed: (unit mm) \u0026 nbsp;
The first set is … 1 \u0026 nbsp; 830, 1 \u0026 nbsp; 130, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700, 700. 430, 270, 170 … The second set of red ruler is … 2 \u0026 nbsp; 260, 1 \u0026 nbsp; 400, 860, 530, 330, 200 … The restriction relationship between the middle value ratio is basically in line with the various scale of the human activity range, which can achieve the harmony of human -machine relations. Therefore, the theory of Model is a kind of realDesign mode with a value -based proportion.
3 injection molding machine modeling and \”parallel engineering\”

For a long time in the future, it is more simple, more concise, clearer, rigorous in structure, more sophisticated in craftsmanship, pursuing rational beauty is injection mold The main sign of machine shape. The online type will use more straight or curved curved arc surface plus a small round corner shape. In terms of color, it will be based on the light, bright, low color, low color and warm colors. As far as a machine is concerned, its main coloring will be based on \”two sets\” or \”three sets of color\”, and it will break the color style of a dark or \”kaleidoscope\”.

With the rapid development of science and technology, the continuous improvement of human cultural standards, the life cycle of modern injection molding machines has become shorter and shorter. The modeling cycle of general machine tools is 5 to 10 years, and electronics and daily mechanical products are less than 2 to 3 years, and the new speed of newly introduced it is getting faster and faster, especially home appliances. Almost internal movements are internal movements. If you do not make any big changes, you will be re -launched with new shapes. In such a high -speed product update contest, as the main link of the design of modern product design -styling design, structural design, and mold design. According to traditional work perception, they are usually described by these three majors and departments, respectively. Division of labor cooperation to jointly complete the task of the design of the injection molding machine. However, the design speed is too slow, which is very uncomfortable with the new situation of rapid development today. \u0026 nbsp;

Foreign abroad is currently promoting the integrated design model according to a new \”parallel project\”. \”The view of parallel projects believes that the relationship between the shape, structure and mold design of the injection molding machine occurs at the same time instead of the order. They are intricate and closely intertwined, and they restrict each other to form a\” parallel project \”.