The six major chemical giants become China Plastic Granulators, the alliance promotes the transformation of the environmental protection production of basic chemicals

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] Use renewable power supply for production transformation
The Cracker of the Future Consortium will be combined with whether Renewable power can be used to replace the fossil fuels in the petroleum or steam cracks to reduce carbon emissions. Cracker of the Future Consortium ),
According to Chemmanager , BASF, Nordic Chemical, Landed Bassel, British Petroleum Corporation, Saudi Basic Industry and Dalidal Chemical, Chemical, Chemical Industry The giant recently established Future Lobit Alliance (
未来裂瓦联盟(Cracker of the Future consortium)将联合研究是否可采用再生电源取代石脑油或蒸汽裂瓦炉中的化石燃料,减少碳排放。
Joint research whether the renewable power supply can be used to replace the petrol fuel in petroleum or steam crack furnace furnaces. , Reduce carbon emissions.
It is reported that the alliance will focus on energy and infrastructure And innovation, invest in R \u0026 D and information sharing, so that member companies can evaluate basic chemicals (ethylene, acrylic, butadiene, benzene, toluene, and dysrene) the possibility of production transformation.

The alliance pointed out that improving the steam cracking furnace is a major opportunity to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the chemical industry. One of the measures is to use power supply to heat the crack furnace. However, there will be some technical challenges in the power supply heating tile furnace, such as ensuring that the entire process is technical and economic feasibility, which is suitable for the low -carbon value chain in the future. Be able to implement policies in Europe in a timely manner.

Under the Future Folling Alliance Organization, these companies will begin exploring and screening technical solutions. onceThey discover potential solutions and they will decide whether to start joint development projects, including R \u0026 D activities to prove the correctness of the concept.

Covering the world’s largest chemical production cluster

Member companies of Future Following Alliance are mainly in the French area of Belgium, Germany’s North Rhine

West Falia and the Netherlands for production and operation. This area is the largest chemical production cluster in the world, with annual income

1800 billion euros, employees


Thousands of people.

This alliance organization has received the Frante region in Belgium, Germany’s North Rhine

Westfalia and the NetherlandsRelevant government departments and industry associations (including the German Chemical Industry Association, the Belgian Chemical and Life Science Federation and the Dutch Chemical Industry Association) are three -sided strategic support.