The new version of the 5WPC Machine Manufacturers0 pound banknotes will use plastic banknotes!

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] In addition, Plastic banknotes have stronger anti -counterfeiting, good anti -pollution ability, and high cost of pseudo -fake. The issuance of the new version of the 50 pound banknotes will mean that the pound has entered the era of plastic banknotes.
The life of the pound plastic banknotes is 2.5 times that of banknotes. From this perspective, plastic banknotes are environmentally friendly than banknotes.
The current 50 pound banknotes are the Queen’s avatar. £ 50 is the largest circulating banknotes in Britain, or about RMB 453. The current 50 pound banknotes circulating are issued in November 2011. They are the Queen’s avatars on the front. The back is the invented and promoted vaporwat and Matthew Bolton avatars on the back of the 18th century.
目前流通的50英镑钞票正面为女王头像。 Photo:
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Recently, Bank of England recently, Bank of England A statement is issued, will issue a new version of 50 pounds of plastic paper banknotes. Subsequently, the President of the Bank of England, Kani, announced that the new version of the 50 pound banknotes \”tickets\” will lock a scientist or mathematician and prepare to select the \”Face Character\” of 50 pounds to start public consultation. Essence
According to Bank of England,
The new version of 50 pounds of banknotes will use plastic banknotes.