The new 3M micro -ball adds the thermoplastic artificial rubber CABLE Coloer Liner Extruder glue and peek flow characteristics

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

With the improvement of casting capacity and performance, its application field has continued to expand. The strength of the new glass microspheres increased by 40%, but the volume was only half of the previous products. This glass bubbles can be used to replace glass fiber or fillers, while also improving the fluidity of plastic synthesis. The competition of plastic replacement metal in light aircraft continues, so high -temperature plastic began to replace the application of aluminum in aviation. \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 lt; br \u0026 nbsp;/\u0026 gt;
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peek performance \u0026 nbsp; br \u0026 nbsp;/\u0026 gt; The most important factor of the light hub cover of the new tire pressure monitoring system of Boeing 777 is light. “使用Victrex\u0026nbsp;PEEK聚合物后,每个轻毂罩的重量还不到7kg(1.5\u0026nbsp;lb),”位于华盛顿州的Crane\u0026nbsp;Aerospace\u0026nbsp;\u0026\u0026nbsp;Electronic\u0026nbsp;of\u0026nbsp;Lynnwood公司的设计工程师Jeff\u0026nbsp;Tonn Say. \u0026 nbsp; \”Each aircraft has 14 wheels, and the total weight of the reduction is quite considerable.\” The main use of the tire pressure detection system on the Boeing 777 is to ensure that the tire pressure is within the appropriate range during take -off and landing. The light hub includes a wire tube, which allows the pressure sensor installed on the wheel to communicate with the airborne system and transmits real -time data to the driver’s cockpit. \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 lt; br \u0026 nbsp;/\u0026 gt;
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Micro glass bubble \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 lt;/\u0026 gt; Moral performance, creating complex parts. The new 3M modified auxiliary IM30K is the first hollow micro -glass ball in the 3M series of glass bubbles. It can withstand the high pressure in the plastic industry such as thermoplastic synthesis, injection molding and stamping. The new micr -galfly borosilicate glass is insoluble in water, the chemical properties are stable, and the alkaline metal content is low. Compared with the previous 3M high -strength glass micro -ball, the intensity increased by 40%, but the volume was half of them, with a diameter of only 17mm (D50). The balanced pressure resistance of the new micro -ball is 2000BAR (200MPa). \u0026 lt; br \u0026 nbsp;/\u0026 gt;
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Profile expectrusion line 123] Supermodel pressure ventilation holes \u0026 nbs \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 lt; br \u0026 nbsp;/\u0026 gt;
Thermoplastic artificial rubber has the mechanical properties of rubber and can adapt to weather changes. Therefore, it is now used on the ventilation holes of the two series of Peugeot cars.The ventilation hole is located between the windshield and the engine compartment, and the vehicle is wide, so that fresh air can flow into the car.Among the Peugeot 207 and 307 series, it is 1.5m \u0026 nbsp; (nearly 5 feet) Tekron \u0026 Nbsp; TPE sealing on the glass to enhance polypropylene ventilation holes.For a three -component parts that contain a polypropylene grassroots, Tekron sealing edges and observation holes for viewing chassis numbers, the coating molding is part of the entire molding process.\u0026 nbsp;