The national and business community of the English WPC Profiles call for a thorough reform of the national waste management infrastructure

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

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According to an open letter, the United Kingdom will pack two -thirds of plastic packaging waste Exports to countries that failed to deal with these waste capabilities. It is reported that a series of people participating in the relevant call include
Some people in the UK recently called for the government to stop exporting plastic waste through responsibility\”.
jeremy darroch
Iceland Foods

Group Managing Director Richard Walker , and TV show host and adventurer Ben fogle

. These people wrote an open letter to \”Daily Telecom\”, urging the relevant ministers to terminate British \”plastic shame\” by \”undertaking our responsibility for wasting our land on British land.\” According to an open letter, The UK exported two -thirds of plastic packaging waste to countries that failed to deal with these waste capabilities. Due to the \”huge quantity\” plastic recycled in the UK for processing and processing, the writer requested that the believers required to completely reform the British waste management infrastructure. Public letter saying, \” About 90% Plastic through Africa and Asia ] 10 The rivers enter the marine environment, and we usually quickly bring this crisisMake blame for developing countries.However, by transporting plastic waste to those countries that cannot handle plastics in large quantities, Britain is shiring responsibility to some of the most vulnerable groups in the world. Termination of British plastic shame means responsibility for our waste on British land.This means closing the source of plastic pollution and thorough inspection of our damaged management system.\”

Later this month, the British government stated that it would announce a resource and waste strategy, which is expected to solve the problem of plastic recycling and disposable plastic.