The mold can be made in Dongguan localized.

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

German medical device and pharmaceutical packaging solution supplier GERRESHEIMER AG has recently announced that its injection molding mold produced in the Dongguan plant in China has passed the DIN ISO 9001 certification and has the ability to independently manufacture molds in the local area. According to reports, mold maintenance and optimization are part of the service provided by GerRiresheimer Ag. In addition, the molds used in Asia, Europe and the United States will also be produced in the Dongguan factory. csm_gerresheimer_certification_CHINA_A35aff971.jpg \”in the pharmaceutical and medical technology market, it requires high cost -effective molds to achieve rapid delivery for startups and R \u0026 D projects. With the expansion of our mold manufacturing product portfolios, we can adjust according to the needs of different customer groups. We can provide appropriate solutions, \”Global Sales and Marketing, Administrative and TCC Executive Vice President of Geerresheimer AG Medical System Business Department said, MANFRED Baumann. Earlier, Gerresheimer Ag also produced molds in the WACKERSDORF factory in Germany, mainly manufacturing highly complex and high -type molds for mass production of pharmaceutical and medical products. The molds produced by the Dongguan factory are mainly complex molds at the average level, which can be added with the WACKERSDORF factory. In 2019, GERRESHEIMER began to submit the process of process, which is a prerequisite for certification for quality management standard DIN ISO 9001. The certification review was conducted in May 2020. Affected by the new crown epidemic, the certification was performed in a digital manner. At present, the quality management system of Gerresheimer Dongguan has passed DQS certification and took effect on July 19, 2020.