The machine is more flexible than the man’s hand. It is said to be the smallest Granulator USED wrist instrument in the world.

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Italian company MMI SPA, which is dedicated to improving clinical efficacy for patients with micro -surgery, recently announced its Symani \u0026 Reg; surgical system has obtained CE certification, launched in Europe for the first time to perform open micro -surgical surgery for humans. The first four robotic surgery was successfully conducted in Florence, Italy, including the reconstruction of three complex post -injured post -injury and reconstruction of a post -cancer after cancer. Symani_mmi.jpg \”has obvious demand for micro -surgical robots, because people have already reached the limit. The purpose of our establishment of MMI is to develop a robot system that helps micro -surgicals to improve the efficacy and solve the needs It is the ultra -display micro -surgical surgery required for lymphatic and other precision surgery. We are glad to be able to stand at the forefront of the new era of robotic surgery and launch our Symani system in Europe. \”MMI co -founder and CEO performed Official Giuseppe Maria Prisco said. The Symani surgical system uses the world’s smallest wrist instrument, combining the benefits of reducing tremor and the benefits of action zooming (7-20 times) to provide seven levels of freedom and dexterity, far beyond the effect of human hands. The system’s nanowrist \u0026 reg; instrument aims to overcome the challenges encountered in the reconstruction of free tissue leather, re -planting, congenital deformities, peripheral nerve repair, and lymphatic surgery, and these operations have more than one million units in the United States and Europe each year. \”As a tool, technology and discipline, micro -surgical surgery and super -display micro -surgical surgery are in sustainable development. Patients with chronic diseases such as lymphatic edema have brought great hope, \”L. Scott Levin, director of the Department of Orthopedics of the University of Pennsylvania Medical College and professor of plastic surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. \”We are proud to bring this innovation to European patients and look forward to allowing global surgeons to conduct challenging extremely small anatomy with higher accuracy, reproduction and efficiency,\” HANNAH, co -founder and vice president of clinical development of MMI Teichmann said.