The latest MOLDEX3D DIGIMAT-RP issuance strong CEILING BOARD PLASTIC plastic composite material structure analysis

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

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] Global Plastic Modular Flow Analysis Software Leader Kosheng Technology
MOLDEX3D DIGIMAT-RP for the important bridge between plastic ejection molding and FeA structure analysis.
Moldex3D Digimat-RP为搭起塑料射出成型和FEA结构分析之间的重要桥梁。

announced the official release on the day Moldex3d Digimat-RP (Reinforced Plastics Fiber enhanced plastic ] ) . \u0026 nbsp; According to reports, Moldex3d Digimat-RP

mainly combines Moldex3d Real three-dimensional reactive formation analysis and analysis and

digimat High -level multi -scale composite materials and Model, provide a more more The intuitive operation process is matched with the nature of the non -linear material to the limited element model to improve the accuracy of the follow -up structure analysis results. \u0026 nbsp; PIPE EXTRUSION LINE Moldex3d Digimat-RP is committed to

moldex3D The key parameters and important features of the analyzed forming process, such as: regional fiber arrangement behavior, residual stress and temperature, import Moldex3d Digimat-RP

, to obtain more correct composite materials, and then improve the accuracy of the structure analysis of plastic composite material structure. \u0026 nbsp; Engineering CEO MSC Chief material analysis strategy length Roger a. assakerer

Dr. said: \”Digimat \u0026 nbsp;

The coupling behavior is now the market standard, and the impact of the output process on the final structure of the finished product. E-XSTREAM Engineering \u0026 nbsp; I am glad to cooperate with Kosheng Technology Digimat-RP Moldex3d [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ 123] Interface integration, which provides us with a synchronous integration simulation project for the co -client seamless plastic and the design of composite material products, and hope that customers can use this to maximize product design optimization efficiency. \u0026 nbsp;

] In addition, the industrial trend of plastic product design today is gradually moving towards the design optimization related simulation projects under highly integrated and multi -functional models.

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Yang Wenli, general manager of Kosheng Technology, Yang Wenli Dr. further emphasizes the importance of integration: \” Except

MOLDEX3D and FEA In additionRP more enhanced plastic composite materials to ejected and Fea Structural analysis of links.We believe that this cooperation allows users to experience a closer and smoother CAE simulation process, and use more efficient and more stable ways, design, design, design design, design design, design design, design, design, design, design, design, design, design, design, design, designBetter fiber enhance plastic products. \”