The largest diameter rolling machine from the world is from China?How many meters are PVC Profile ExtRusion diameter?

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

123] large -scale plastic products rolling molding advanced manufacturing technology
, captured technical difficulties and produced the largest rolling machine worldwide. Recently, this
large hollow plastic products are becoming more and more widely used, rolling plastic here The production has unique advantages. (Picture source: Baidu) \”
] 大型中空塑料制品被越来越广泛应用,滚塑在这方面的生产具备独特优势。(图源:百度)
It is reported that Wenling City Returning Plastics Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of Chemical Technology
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[ 123] The technical appraisal of domestic experts, soon, it will be submitted to the National Science and Technology Progress Award. Injecting, blowing, and squeezing supplements have unique advantages in the production of large and large plastic products. With the continuous development of the plastic industry and household appliances, automobiles and aerospace industries, large -scale hollow plastic products have been widely used, such as missile packaging boxes, new energy vehicles for full -plastic body. \u0026 nbsp;

The technical performance is generally relatively backward in terms of technical performance, and it cannot bear the production of large and large products. Technical control completely depends on the actual experience of operators. The production efficiency is low and the replacement of products is poor. In order to change this status quo, Rising Sun and Beijing University of Chemical Technology

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, specially established a scientific research team for technical research, and designated it into design , Trial, debugging, and production, including four stages, including the implementation of four stages. Last year, the company produced a global largest diameter roller, with a diameter of 6.5

Mi ] 27 Mi,

17 Mi and 8 Mi. \u0026nbsp;专家组认为,该项目It has independent intellectual property rights, and forms an annual production 100 The production capacity of the platform rolling equipment, which is currently selling equipment at home and abroad [ [ 123] 156 Taiwan, mold 3000 remaining set, product export to the United States, Russia, South Korea, Brazil, etc. [123 ]


Multiple countries, users have good reflection and have achieved significant economic and social benefits.

\u0026 nbsp; According to reports, this technology After the use of production lines, compared with traditional equipment, rolling molding effect Profile ExtRusion Line Increasing the rate 30% , equipment energy efficiency utilization High rate, energy saving is about 20% . At the same time, the adoption of large -scale mold micro -volume division methods reduces the cost of mold manufacturing 30%

1 /3 . This large -scale plastic product’s hollow hair bubbles have the overall one -time molding technical achievement. Once widely used, especially certain metal materials are replaced by plastic, it can greatly reduce the weight of the product. For example, after replacement, the weight of the missile packaging box can be reduced 200%

, the overall body weight of the car can be reduced 55% , but the thermal insulation performance can be improved [ 25% .