The heating ability has increased by 20 %!On -site experience Kaifu’s new generation KMD Speedflame Retardant vs Fire Resistant CablesFormer

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] Kaifor also continuously opened the long -term verified Ktr \u0026 nbsp; 5.2 \u0026 nbsp; Speed \u200b\u200bcup modeling machine, the audience will have the opportunity to experience the improved models at the exhibition. Starting from film conveying, to heating, heating,For molding station, molding air supply, mold cooling, mold and workstaring, until a new stacking system with downstream automatic carton packaging equipment, Kaifuer optimized the entire KTR \u0026 NBSP; 5.2 \u0026 nbsp; SPEED cup forming system.
The improved version of KTR \u0026 Nbsp; 5.2 \u0026 nbsp; SPEED debut
The new generation KMD SpeedFormer thermal molding machine. Some graphics and animations can help adjust the machine parameters. If necessary, they can also help fail to diagnose and correct them. The new generation KMD only needs to enter a few parameters, and the remaining parameters are automatically determined by the installation algorithm.
] Kiefel’s new SpeedFormer \u0026 nbsp; kmd \u0026 nbsp; 78.2 \u0026 nbsp; SPEED will be demonstrated at the K2019 exhibition. In addition to common materials and products, this new generation of systems can also process new film materials, produce more complex products, and have low energy consumption. The new generation of KMD can also save film. The newly developed thin -film supply platform can guide the film to the film transportation system safely and gently, and the actual -verified station drive device can work stably and symmetrically.
新一代KMD Speedformer热成型机。
According to reports, the heating system of the machine can reach the state of use in a short period of time. Although the energy consumption is reduced, the heating ability has increased by 20 %. Combined with the energy recycling system of the servo driver, it can save a lot of energy.
Further optimized the molding air vacuum system, allowing users to produce super -molded products with excellent quality. Mold replacement systems that meet the characteristics of human engineering can significantly shorten the setting time. The combination of many improvements and details has greatly improved the normal running time of KMD \u0026 Nbsp; 78.2 \u0026 nbsp; Speed.
The planetary gear box equipped with a water -cooled servo motor improves the rigidity of the power transmission system and reduces the vibration of the entire system.In addition, the new motor-gearbox combination can reach up to 50 cycles per minute and increase the punching force to 400 \u0026 nbsp; kn.

Expanded the available molding surface, thereby increasing the number of mold cavity in the mold.The optimized fast mold replacement device reduces the stop time.Optimized the molding air pipeline, which can fill the mold cavity stably, shorten the filling time by 25%, and the exhaust time is shortened by 30%.