The \”General card\” mask is about to be launched, the transmission factory is made, and the Nissan capacity can reach WALL Panel Extruder5,000 tablets

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

According to the United States today, General Motors are working with the UNITED Auto-Workrs to convene at least 24 hours of paid volunteers and at the time of closed Michigan (Volon, Michigan ( Warren) The transmission factory produces millions of masks.

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General Motor will begin to produce masks next Monday. It is expected to be on Wednesday, April 8th, the first batch of 20,000 masks will be Distribute offline to alleviate the shortage of masks caused by the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. Once fully put into production, GM can produce every day 5 10,000 masks, or monthly production 150 10,000.

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General Motors changed its waste gear plant to Mask factory. (The picture was taken by John F. Martin)

CEO Mary Barra Said: \”We have been working with the American Automotive Workers’ Federation (UAW) and supplier partners to achieve this goal to achieve this goal, I am very proud of we can resist with other companies.\”


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General Motor also cooperates with medical equipment manufacturer Ventec Life Systems to produce rescued live ventilation machines in the factory of Koco, Indiana.

\u0026 nbsp; Generally, the company’s mask is a first -class mask, which means that they cannot be worn in the operating room, but Can be used for the normal operation of the community and hospitals such as courier or other people.