The \”ExtRuded PVC Sheets State of Sustainable Development of Extruded PVC Sheets in 2018\” released these highlights is worthy of attention!

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] At the same time, Disman established the absolute emission reduction target and 75%renewable power procurement plan in 2030 in 2030. Disman was rated as the leader of ESG (environment, society, and control) by Sustainalytics for the second consecutive year. The outstanding contributions of Disman’s contribution to the sustainable development have maintained the AA rating of the MSCI, and the eighth time to the top of the Dow Jones Sustainable Development Index.
In addition, the report focuses on the sustainable development performance and progress of the three dimensions of \”people, earth, and profits\” to the society and various interests. For example, in 2018, Disman China carried out energy conservation and reduce pollutant emissions projects in multiple venues. Or incineration.
In 2018, Disman China carried out energy saving energy saving, reducing pollutant emissions in multiple venues, reducing pollutant emissions The project, the overall greenhouse gas efficiency improved by 36%year -on -year; 91%of the factory’s waste was recycled or incinerated. As mentioned in the China Sustainable Development Forum, China is currently improving the supply of renewable energy, and in 2024, China’s distributed photovoltaic volume will become the world’s number one. Disman’s advanced solar energy use material technology has widely improved solar product performance globally, while reducing costs and carbon footprints.
Close In 2018, the emperor, the emperor Siman China has carried out energy conservation and reduced pollutant emissions projects in multiple venues. The overall greenhouse gas efficiency has improved by 36%year -on -year. 91%of the factory’s waste produced was recycled or incinerated.
The report reviewed the successful achievement of Disman’s 2018 global strategy, and introduced the new 2021 global strategic planning -the goal -oriented, performance -driven growth and value. Under the guidance of this new strategy, Disman will further develop into a global advanced company that practice sustainable development. Dr. Jiang Weiming, President of China China, saidTao: \”Disman China still performed extraordinary in 2018 and fruitful. With our global scientific expertise and the understanding and insight of deep cultivation in the Chinese market, we not only adapted to market changes, maintained competitive advantages, but also achieved in China. Sustainable growth. In particular, we integrate the sustainable development into various business activities. While fulfilling our responsibilities, we actively help the supply chain, customers and partners to reduce environmental footprints. \”\u0026 Nbsp; \u0026 nbsp;
Focus on health, focus on health, focus on health, focus on health, focus on health, focus on health, focus on health, focus on health, focus on health, focus on health, focus on health, focus The Royal Smanti Group of the Global Science Corporation of Nutrition and Green Life released the \”2018 Diren China Sustainable Development Report\” today. \u0026 nbsp; Previously, at the first China Sustainable Development Forum, governments, organizations, and enterprises discussed the 2030 Sustainable Development Amber.
With China’s further promotion of green, low -carbon and sustainable development, Disman adheres to the sustainable development as its core values \u200b\u200band commercial driving forces, and actively promotes its business in China. This year, it has released a report in China for the 12th consecutive year to summarize the contribution and efforts of sustainable development.
2018 2018 In the year, Disman not only continuously improved the level of business operation and further expanded the product portfolio of sustainable solutions, at the same time joined hands with and helping peers, customers and partners with sustainable solutions for the development of the earth and social development.
With its strong scientific research strength in nutrition and health, climate and energy, and resources, Disman actively promotes China to achieve the UN sustainable development goal.
In terms of nutrition and health, Disman has developed a variety of solutions to provide people with healthier and better lives, so that the environment that we live in is more sustainable, so as to promote to promote The United Nations Sustainable Development goals \”zero hunger\” and \”health and well -being\” have contributed. In terms of climate and energy, Disman responded to the United Nations Sustainable Development Objective 7 and 13, promoted clean energy that can affordable, support climate action, and contributed to the use and efficiency of renewable energy.
In terms of resources and cycle, Disman is also committed to achieving sustainable development target 12, and achieve responsible consumption and production by reducing volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions, thereby achieving a circular economy. \u0026 nbsp;