The demand for investment in high -quality recycling equipment has risen, and EREMA PROFILE EXTRUSION LINE’s 2018 revenue increased by 16%

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

The newly appointed CEO Manfred Hackl and Chief Financial Officer Horsst Wolfsgruber will be responsible for the Group’s strategic planning and future development. The global plastic industry is changing. In recent periods, the initiative initiated by the government or the voluntary initiated by the enterprise about plastic recycling and regeneration and China’s policy of stopping imported plastic waste has stimulated the investment in the plastic industry to invest in high -quality recycling equipment. EREMA Group has achieved 180 million euros new operating income records in the 2018/2019 fiscal year, and half of the revenue comes from the European market. At present, 6,000 EREMA plastic recycling equipment worldwide has been put into use in 108 countries. In the new fiscal year of 2019/2020, the company’s management will be changed. The headquarters of Ansfelden/Linz (Ansfelden/) and Linz will also expand production. The growth of strong growth in the three major recycling market benefits from the growth of the three major recycling markets: after consumption, plastic (pollution and plastic used), industrial waste inside the factory The contact of the contact of the contact). Among them, the new orders for the recycling of plastic bottle are almost three times the previous year. This is mainly because the market has a very high demand for the technology and the new craftsmanship extended on it. New craftsmanship. Including EREMA Group and SIPA jointly developed from the XTREME update system from plastic thin pieces to prefabricated parts. EREMA Group Vacunite, bottle -to -bottle recycling system released in November 2018. It has been doubled in the past three years. \”EREMA Group has always been at the forefront of the industry. Now the recycling industry is becoming increasingly popular and is developing in the direction of high quality and industrialization.\” Said Manfred Hackl, CEO of EREMA Group. He is also very happy about the growth of equipment in the industrial waste recycling application inside the factory. EREMA solution and the crusher of the subsidiary Pure Loop -the extruder solution has once again increased operating income. Plasmac, Vacunite and New The establishment of the KEYCYCLE business department can provide a complete plastic recycling solution, which also meets the market demand of industrial waste recycling in the factory to a certain extent. Management changes in the early years of fiscal year 2019/2020, although the former CEO of EREMA Group executes Official Klaus Feichtinger resigned as the CEO for personal reasons, but he will continue to contribute to EREMA Group as the manager of the group’s supervisor’s intellectual property protection and new technologies. Responsible GroupStrategic planning and future development.In order to allow the group to focus on this task, Manfred Hackl is transferring to the operation management of EREMA subsidiaries.Markus Huber-LINDINGER, as a director, is responsible for technical and production management.Markus Huber-Lindinger will jointly manage sales, customer service and project planning with Michael Heitzinger.\”We believe that the adjustment of this task will be more conducive to our future challenges, whether it is the expansion of the company’s scale or the rapid development of the industry. In this way, we can achieve sustainable growth.\” Hackl and Heitzinger said.The company’s headquarters EREMA Group’s headquarters in Ansfelden/and Linz will also be expanded.At the end of March 2019, EREMA Group has expanded its headquarters’ production bases and office spaces, and is expected to be put into operation in the spring of 2020.