The annual output of 250,000 pieces, the Aberger traffic key solution is Mexico’s zero SPC ExtRusion Screw component factory reduction and efficiency

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

It is reported that Mexico needs to provide millions of components for the North American automobile market each year. In order to improve efficiency, the TB \u0026 C Group introduced the first ARBURG traffic key system at the production base of Pudla. GESTICA control system hybrid injection molding machine AllRounder 1120H. It is understood that this is also the largest model of Aberger, with a total of 650 tons of injection molding machines. The material used in this product is a glass fiber enhanced PP GF50. After the production is completed, it is sent to the T1 supplier near the headquarters. In the next few years, 250,000 products are mass -produced per year. Timo Arnold, the chief operating officer of Energy Consumption, Low Energy Automation, cost benefits, and after -sales service, said: \”At first, we chose equipment with 1,000 tons of lock mold power for 1,000 tons of power. Come to produce sinks. And allRounder 1120H has only 650 tons, but its electric curved armor molding system is accurate and powerful, and the dry cycle time is extremely short. The reason for the plan. \”In addition, the low total energy consumption is also an important reason for determining the purchase of the Aberg system. The entire solution integrates automation, cost and after -sales service. This set of interchange system uses the latest GESTICA control system of Aberger. The system has four auxiliary software packages and integrates six -axis robotics. When the sink is produced, the seven axis sleeves that are transported by the three conveyors through the vibration conveyor are separated by one by one. Subsequently, the six -axis robot took out these axis sleeves, inserted it into the mold, then took out the injection molding part, and put it on the conveyor belt in the next injection molding. Timo Arnold believes that \”machine operators can quickly be familiar with this system and can operate independently from the beginning.\” When asked about the cooperation advantages of TB \u0026 C and Abbog since 2004, he concluded: \”All in one ( All). \”The traffic key system and ALS (central computer control system) are all used in all factories of TB \u0026 C. Timo Arnold said: \”You can automatically create reports to the company through ALS, providing important performance indicators. When customers need to conduct QA audit or want to view key performance indicators KPI, they can also provide data and reports for customers. With our professional knowledge, we can strengthen their footholds in the electric vehicle market. Of course, this also benefits from Abobe’s help. \”