The annual compound growth rate is 18.8%, and the global bioplastic market size is expected to reach 685.7pvc Pelletizing Machine by 2024

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123] 685.7 [ 123] 100 million US dollars,
billion US dollars. It is expected to reach 2024
Divided by region, Europe accounts for more than 2/5 of the total market share, more than 2/5 It is expected to continue to maintain a leading position throughout the forecast period. All the world global The size of the bioplastics market is
According to the joint market research company (Allied Market Research) ,

to 2024 The compound annual growth rate of the year is 18.8%[123 ] . Ecological friendly, government preferential policies, renewable raw material supply and high acceptance of consumers have promoted market growth. However, the cost of high user costs from end to end and the limitedness of biological plastic functions hinders the growth of the bioplastics market. On the other hand, the increase in corporate social responsibility ( CSR ) and the decrease in dependence on petroleum resources and the improvement of research and development, Create new opportunities for the industry. The largest proportion of non -biodegradable plastics According to the classification, the bioplastics market is divided into biodegradable plastic plastics And non -biodegradable plastic. The non -biological degradation plastic is in


The largest market revenue contributed the year, accounting for nearly the total market share


, it is expected to be 2024 ] The year will continue to occupy the dominant position. From

2018 to 2024

, this field is expected to be 20.2%

The maximum compound annual growth rate increases. The non -biological degradation is divided into epoxy resin, polyurethane, polyethylene dilately glycol ( PET ) Amide ( pa ), polyethylene ( per ), ethylene acryline Dilayer single rubber ( EPDM

) and polytinyl azimate glycol ( ptt [ptt [ 123] ), etc.), etc. The rapid development of the global sustainable packaging industry plus the fluctuation of crude oil prices, which drives the biological polyester ( BIO-PET ) Market growth of. In addition, biological polyester is expected to meet the growth of lightweight materials in the automotive industry. The government’s preferential policies will also promote the demand for the biological polyester market as an environmental substitution. Provide rich profit growth opportunities in the field Performance and printable characteristics are suitable for hard packaging applications. Biological plastic hard packaging includes bottles, cups, cans, corrugated cartons, boxes and others. 2018 In the past, the hard packaging industry accounted for nearly 1/3 . It is expected that the industry will be expected to With the compound annual growth rate of 28.3% , to

2025 will maintain its leading market position in the year.

Europe will continue to maintain a leading region

Divided by region, Europe accounts 123] 2/5

above, it is expected to continue to maintain a leading position throughout the forecast period.

The preferential policies of European policy makers on bioplastic manufacturers, as well as the increase in bioplastics in Germany, Italy, and British companies is a key factor in promoting the growth of the biological plastic market in the region.

The Asia Pacific region is expected to be in 2018 to 2024 The biological plastic period during the yearThe compound annual growth rate of the market size is 20.4% .