Tao’s WPC Board VS PVC BOARD launched a variety of new materials to enrich its plastic product portfolio in Asia Pacific

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

On April 22, 2021, during the CHINAPLAS 2021 International Rubber and Plastics Show (April 13-16), Tao Corporation (DOW) held a media conference at Hilton Hotel, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center on April 14th. Wu Yan, technical director of the Asia -Pacific region of the Special Plastic Business Department, the packaging of the Dow’s Packaging and Special Plastic Business Department, Xiao Keda, marketing director of the Health and Health Asia Pacific Region, and the infrastructure, consumer goods and transportation of the Special Plastic Business Department Wang Xin, the marketing director of the Asia -Pacific market, attended the meeting and spoke. 1.1.jpg from left: The Packaging and Special Plastic Business Department of Tao’s Packaging and Special Plastic Business Department, Xiao Keda, Marketing Director of Health and Health Asia Pacific, and the infrastructure, consumer goods and transportation Asia Pacific market director Wang The technical director of the Asia -Pacific District of Xin and Tao’s Packaging and Special Plastic Business Department, Wu Yan, the technical director of the Asia -Pacific District of the Packaging and Special Plastic Business Department of the Asia Pacific Region, said at the press conference: \”Today is the second day of the ChinaPlas 2021 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition, I believe that many people must have gone to the exhibition. Compared with previous years, there are many similarities and many differences. The biggest difference between this year is that everyone’s attention to the concept of ‘environmental protection’ and ‘sustainable’ concept, the more The same is higher. The same is true today, and we will start with ‘environmental protection’ and ‘sustainable’. \”How to connect the sustainable concept with the company’s future strategy, Wu Yan said that this is today Tao The theme of the company shared with the media. How to participate in China’s \”carbon neutralization\”? Tao’s company has proposed the corresponding goal -Tao has formulated three major sustainable development strategies: Tao plans to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050, consistent with the requirements of the Paris Agreement; by 2030, it will reduce 5 million each year. The net carbon emissions have decreased by 15%on the basis of 2020. Tao is committed to using and promoting technological development and use less raw materials to manufacture products to help customers reduce carbon footprints. Wu Yan said: \”For a chemical enterprise, this is a very challenging thing and requires quite a lot of technological innovation to meet this requirement.\” To achieve \”carbon neutrality\” is the ultimate goal of Tao’s. In order to achieve this The ultimate goal is that Tao’s company sets three major fields to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate plastic waste, and move towards the circular economy. Climate protection: By 2030, Tao’s company will reduce the net carbon emissions of 5 million tons of carbon emissions each year, that is, a general decrease of 15%on the basis of 2020. Elimination of waste: By 2030, Tao’s company will be committed to \”eliminating waste\” and through its own actions or partnerships, so that 1 million tons of plastic can be recycled, reused, or renewed. Realizing closed loop: By 2035, Tao’s company will help \”realize closed loops\”, and products used in the packaging field will achieve 100%reusable or regeneration. The spokesman Wu Yan said, \”In the whole process of 0 to 100 %,It is relatively easy to get 50%and 60%from 0, but from 99%to the last 1%, it is very difficult. Packaging has always been a very important part of people’s lives. To make a day -to -earth change, we have to make great efforts. In addition to we need to do innovation, we also need the industry to do innovation. ” 包装、健康等领域的新品与解决方案陶氏的包装解决方案陶氏公司包装与特种塑料业务部包装、卫材与健康亚太区市场总监肖科达表示,今年大的趋势是“环保”、 \”Circular economy\” and \”carbon neutrality\”, in addition, should also cope with the opportunities and challenges brought by consumption upgrades. As China’s middle -income class is expanding, special groups such as babies and elderly people are in terms of materials, design and experience. New requirements have been put forward. Dow has introduced new products related to these trends accordingly. New applications of healthcare: DOW \u0026#8482; Health+\u0026#8482; polyethylene resin series solutions for medical care, available available, available In the venous infusion bag, blow irrigation bottle/amaranth bottle and biological reaction bag. New product: a new generation of PE (polyethylene) fiber -grade resin for soft non -weaving solutions. Textable, which can be used in a single group of spinning adhesion, thereby improving the softness, comfort and other key properties of health materials and medical non -woven fabrics. Its excellent thermal stability is also conducive to the recovery of the side. AFINITY \u0026#8482; polyolefin elastomer (POE), which can be repeatedly used with 1.5 times the extension of the life. : Innate \u0026#8482; TF bidirectional stretching polyethylene applications to three new fields 1. Connecting seal packaging solutions: Innate \u0026#8482; TF bidirectional stretch polyethylene resin (TF-BOPE) is used for layer compression membrane, which can be Reduce the amount of materials by 15%, and the new sealing material can make the appearance more seamless, thereby obtaining a stronger visual impact. 2. All PE washing and packaging: containing Innate \u0026#8482; TF and 25%consumption to recover the resin (PCR) after consumption (PCR) Full PE pillow -type bags, including regenerative plastic, can be recycled, used for non -food applications such as washing packaging bags. 3. High -resistant recyclable soft packaging, Tao’s overall solution -inNate \u0026#8482; TF resin with Affinity \u0026# 8482; polyolefin elasticity and Retain \u0026#8482; increase the resin to achieve recyclable environmental protection and obstruction functional organic combination of food soft packaging. And dry food, casual food, condiments, mask, etc. The Tao and the domestic nursing brand LibaiCooperation to use Innate \u0026#8482; TF bidirectional stretching polyethylene resin (TF-BOPE) for standing white washing bead packaging, making the full PE washing packaging completely recycled. At present, this product has been launched, and more products will launch the market one after another. Tao’s mother company Amorepacific cooperation with Snowflake’s parent company to use Tao’s Innate \u0026#8482; TF two-way stretching polyethylene resin (TF-BOPE) to launch a recycled self-reliance bag for all PE structures to pack liquid products. This product has been listed in South Korea. Xiao Keda said that it can be seen that Tao’s design side has continuously launched new products, but it is not enough to do completely recycled and reusable. Collaboration, from design and recovery to reuse to achieve closed -loop reasons. In early 2021, Tao’s cooperation with love recycling and Li Bai created a closed loop of design, recycling and re -use. New products and solutions of infrastructure, consumer goods and transportation products, Wang Xin, the marketing director of the infrastructure, consumer goods and transportation Asia -Pacific market areas of the Packaging and Special Plastic Business Department of Tao’s Company, said that it was true that the new crown epidemic last year brought a lot to the world. Determination, but in the Chinese market, we can still feel vigorous vitality and strong internal driving force. The Chinese government proposed that \”carbon neutrality\” and \”carbon -to -peak\” actually promoted the transformation of energy, promoted high -quality economic development, and continuously improved people’s living environment. In this context, Tao also provides a green solution to explore disruptive business models. 3.jpg Green solution New Product: The new generation of Engage \u0026#8482; polyal elastic body applied in the automotive field is to help thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) achieve ultra -low gloss in the interior of the automotive, while greatly improved Low temperature impact toughness, and can effectively take into account formula liquidity and processability. New product: Green Environmental Polyetry Human -made Democratic Polystide Elastin (POE) Sustainable Artificial Revolution solution, no plasticizer, no halogen, low VOC, recycling after use, environmental processing process does not need to use solvents or other harmful substances, have some harmful substances. Excellent low temperature resistance, no hydrolysis, yellow change, and precipitation occur. The material is super light and suitable for luggage and shoe materials. New application: 3D air fiber pad -more comfortable new air -breathable materials 100%recyclable 3D air fiber pads have excellent washing resistance and fast dryness, making use more clean and hygienic. In addition, this product has a tailor -made rebate and softness, which helps improve the quality of rest. Non -adhesive, solvents and odorless, meet the US FDA standards. New application: The elastic body of the commercial block carpet and the PVC bottom back of the back of the elastic body is non -toxic, tasteless, and low VOC. It is used to replace the traditional back of the box carpet. It has excellent processability and performance, and recyclable.