Tao’s cooperation with ECCO 3D printing liquid China Non Woven Fabric Machine Silicone, for shoe customization projects

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] Dassault Systèmes)
ECCO, Tao’s
ECCO, Tao and Dasau Systèmes In the ECCO Shoes spring and summer preview press conference held in Tokyo, Japan, I introduced the Quant-U shoe customization project. 3d [ 123]
Tao reached cooperation with to launch a breakthrough
ECCO、陶氏和达索系统公司(Dassault Systèmes)于1月29-30日在日本东京举行的ECCO Shoes春夏预览新闻发布会中,介绍QUANT-U鞋类定制项目。 ]
Print liquid silicone
, for shoe customization projects.
and Dasau Systems (

[123 ] Month 29-30 In Tokyo, Japan ECCO Shoes In the press conference of spring and summer preview, [ 123] Quant-U Shoe customization project.

It is reported that Quant-u is ECCO Independent interdisciplinary design studio innovation The laboratory ( Ile ) experimental shoe customization project. This created service combines customer personal biomechanical data, Tao Silastic 3D 3335 liquid silicone (123] (

lsr ), And 3D Printing (additive manufacturing) technology, producing the middle layer suitable for the shape of the wearer’s feet and natural movement. This material was developed by Dao, after special preparation, combining the performance advantages of silicane elastic body, combining liquid additive manufacturing and processing advantages, with low viscosity, with low viscosityThe characteristics can achieve smooth printing and have unique fluidity, which can achieve high resolution and high accuracy.

This intermediate layer has no odor, does not breed bacteria, and has waterproof performance. Dao’s high-performance organic silicon global marketing director Charlie Zimmer said: \” Quant-u Cooperative display SiLastic 3D The advantages of printing liquid silicone, its manufacturing characteristics and silicone performance advantages, providing a designer for the flexibility of parts design and the advantages of additive processing.New choice. \”