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Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Langson press conference. \”We are full of confidence in China’s future growth. China’s chemical market is an important pillar of the region and is already the world’s largest market. By 2030 Nearly 50%. Our investment will help us meet the growing market demand here, \”said Qian Mingcheng, President of Randry Asia Pacific. \”In addition, these investment plans also show our firm commitment to supporting China to realize high -quality development.\” The investment project previously planned was part of the Langson development plan in Asia. In order to promote the synergistic effect of the country and business department, the company established a new regional architecture in the Asia -Pacific region in 2018, covering Greater China, Japan, South Korea, and ASEAN countries.

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Langson Asia Pacific District President Qian Mingcheng.
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Investment Plan for China
Langson’s commitment to strengthen China’s high -quality development: German special chemical company Randan Sheng said yesterday that The company has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone (SCIP) in September this year to reserve land for the construction of a comprehensive production base. In addition, Langson also plans to establish an application development center in the Asia -Pacific region in Shanghai.
The satisfactory financial performance in the third quarter provided support for the investment plan. Take it again in Langsheng GroupAt the same time as the stable operating performance, the profit tax on the scope of the conventional business scope of the Greater China region reached double -digit growth before the amortization, and the combustion, additives, water purification products and biological safety products were particularly strong.
Langson signed a memorandum with Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone in September this year to build an integrated production base for construction in September this year. Leave 20 hectares of land as a new base in sustainable development in China. Given that the demand in the Chinese market has gradually shifted to products with added value, the demand for localized product brand has continued to increase, and the company plans to establish a comprehensive Asia -Pacific application development center in Shanghai.
‘ Local innovation has occupied a large proportion of new businesses, and the establishment of the Asia -Pacific Application Development Center will further strengthen the innovation capabilities in China and Asia Pacific.
In the same year, Langson also announced that it would invest about 250 million euros in Asia 2023, most of which will be put into the Chinese market. As the first milestone of the Langson Development Plan, in September this year, Langson’s new factory in Changzhou was officially put into production to produce high -tech plastics for new electric vehicles.