Super fiber Plastic Pelletizing Machine for Salepbo Breaks foreign technology blockade

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Polyzhebenzene -borzole fiber (PBO), known as super fiber, has important application value and broad prospects in the field of aerospace, military industry defense, and civilian fields. Amino -cylinder (DAR) has been monopolized and prohibited. The news from the Dalian Chemical Research Institute on February 8th is exciting. The institute has successfully developed a new process of DAR synthesis, breaking the long -term foreign company technology blockade, and the technical raw materials are easy to obtain, the craftsmanship is simple, the income yields High, small pollution, low cost. \u0026 nbsp;
PBO, known as the 21st century super fiber, is an enhanced material for composite materials developed by the United States in the 1980s to develop the aerospace industry. Essence A PBO filament with a diameter of 1 mm can be lifted up to 450 kg, and its strength is more than 10 times that of the same specifications of steel fiber fiber. In addition, the impact resistance, friction resistance and size stability of PBO fibers are very excellent, and the quality is light and soft, which is an ideal textile raw material.

PBO is obtained by 4,6 -dilate phenol -hydrochloride and pipyl acidic acid with polyphosphate 牍 PPA 牍 as a solvent. It can also use P2O5 dehydration for shrinking. PPA is a large -scale industrialized product, while the 4, 6 -dilate interval benzol (DAR) is the key intermediate of the current synthetic PBO. The synthesis of DAR was initially developed by the US Dow Chemical Company. It was synthesized by the original raw material with trichlorine. The yield was very high. It played a great effect on the industrialized production of PBO. Essence At present, only Japan has the industrial production capacity of DAR, but there are also problems such as limited raw materials, high prices, difficulty treatment of nitrification process, and difficult to produce toxic substances. At present The industrialization method of the route. Some domestic scientific research institutes adopt the synthetic route of interior benzol, but the income rate is low, the cost is high, and there are also a large amount of waste liquid treatment problems.

Compared with the existing process, the Dalian Institute of Chemical Technology has obvious advantages in the new DAR synthetic process route developed by the Dalian Chemical Research Institute from PIPE EXTRUSION LINE , Small pollution and high product purity. The recycling of raw materials used can not only reduce costs and protect the environment. This technology with international advanced level has now received support from the Ministry of Science and Technology. This technology not only fills the gap in my country’s intermediate, but also provides raw materials guarantee for the development of high -performance PBO products.