Straach the pain point!Ken Tian Innovation Cleaning Technology Aid thermoplastic producer reduces costs, Tube Color Strip Machine reduces waste

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Non Woven Spundbond Machine Chest Martin, general manager of Ken Tian (China), as a member of the global thermoplastic plastic industry, is gradually growing in the global thermoplastic plastic industry. Cleaning materials and other process processes. With nearly sixty years of manufacturing and technical expertise, Ken Tian can develop and produce customized chemical solutions according to customer needs. With the help of the Shanghai R \u0026 D Center equipped with cutting -edge equipment, Ken Tian can quickly respond to the needs of customers in the Asia -Pacific region and provide customized solutions for customers who require strict thermoplastic plastic industry. At the previous 2019 international rubber and plastic exhibition (Chinaplas 2019), Ken Tian successfully demonstrated the product that can meet the needs of various thermoplastic processing processes, and launched a new generation of screw cleaning materials Ultra Purge \u0026#8482; Realize efficient color changes and effectively remove spotted patterns. The latest trends in the thermoplastic plastic industry show that the entire Asia -Pacific region, especially Chinese manufacturers, have begun to realize the important impact of high -quality screw cleaning materials on its normal production and operation. Most of the hot plastic manufacturers will encounter long -term shutdown problems in the process of color replacement, especially when they are replaced from dark to light -colored materials. This process wasted a lot of mixed -color resin. In addition, plastic resins will be degraded during processing, resulting in dark spots in finished molding parts. In order to remove dark spots, the machine must be thoroughly cleaned, which will cause long -term shutdown and a large amount of materials to waste, thereby generating high costs. Ken Tian’s new -generation screw cleaning material Ultra Purge \u0026#8482;, can effectively solve the above problems, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, reduce waste, shorten the time of stopping time, material and color replacement time, and directly hit the pain points of processors. Ken Tian’s new generation of Ultra Purge \u0026#8482; screw cleaning material can be used for thermal flow system to clean it at high efficiency. Put the appropriate cleaning material into the injection molding machine when running or changing color changes, which can achieve fast and efficient color changes, and prevent spots and spots on the new models. In addition, Ultra Purge \u0026#8482; screw cleaning material also helps keep the equipment clean, which greatly reduces or even avoid the stop time outside the plan. Ultra Purge \u0026#8482; Product lines can also help PET bottle mold molders to reduce waste when the machine starts, thereby improving the quality rating of their suppliers. More importantly, compared with traditional physical cleaning materials, Ultra Purge \u0026#8482; less dosage, and some Ultra Purge \u0026#8482; the product can be recycled, can be re -sold to waste dealers or incorporate regeneration, so it is more in line with environmental standards Essence Chest Martin, general manager of Ken Tian (China), said: \”Now domestic production equipment is getting more and more firstIn advance, many Chinese manufacturers are willing to invest in huge capital to buy world -class equipment to enhance their competitive advantages.Because processors want to match more advanced technologies by improving quality and cost and benefits, their needs for the use of existing equipment are becoming more complicated.\”\” In the increasingly fierce competitive environment, Ken Tian Ultra Purge \u0026#8482; Series products not only help customers save more costs, but at the same time, our professional sales team can also customize solutions for their customer production lines to customize solutions for them., Help it greatly improve productivity.This is also the unique charm and advantage of Ken Tian.\”He added.