Starting from scrap plastic, this company has become the RPET supplier of Coca -Cola, Pepsi, Danone and China Nonwoven Machine L’Oreal!

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] CCEP will purchase recyclable PET materials from LOOP and polyester suppliers Indorama \u0026 Nbsp; Ventures, located in the United States.
CCEP is expected to use the loop recyclable PET material as early as 2020.
] Coca -Cola recently announced that it has established a procurement agreement with plastic recycling processing enterprise Loop \u0026 Nbsp; Industries, which will purchase renewable PET materials from the other company. The Coca -Cola European Partner (CCEP) will purchase 100%recyclable PET materials from Loop \u0026 Nbsp; Industries to increase the amount of regeneration materials for the cola bottle.
CCEP is expected to use the loop recyclable PET material as early as 2020.
LOOP \u0026 Nbsp; Industries said that due to the increase in the demand for sustainable development packaging plans,
The company has developed \”transformative\” technology, which can make waste plastic or cheap plastics Modification, repair and recovery are transformed into new products, and the process can be infinitely circulated.
This technology can convert colored, transparent or problematic plastic bottles or packaging into food -grade packaging that meets FDA standards.
In this regard, Ron \u0026 Nbsp; Lewis, director of CCEP supply chain, said: \”This is a major investment project of our support for sustainable development action plan \u0026 nbsp; – \u0026 nbsp; this \u0026 nbsp; forward. Make sure that at least 50%of all our PET bottles have used recyclable PET materials before 2025. This is also one of our overall strategy of creating a circular packaging economypart. \”

So far this year,
LOOP \u0026 Nbsp; Industries has been loaded with Pepsi, Danone’s Yiyun bottle water, and water bottle water, water bottle water, water bottle water, water bottle water, water bottle water, water bottle water, water bottle water, water bottle water, water bottle water, water bottle water, water bottle water, water bottle water, water bottle water, water bottle water. And L’Oreal signed a procurement agreement.
For example, Pepsico announced recently with LOOP \u0026 Nbsp; Industries. LOOP \u0026 Nbsp; Industries’s regeneration plastic.
This agreement also includes marketing and publicity plans, which aims to improve people’s understanding of the importance of recycling and circular economy.

In addition, Danone’s Yiyun bottle loaded water Evian also announced at the beginning of the year with LOOP \u0026 NBSP; Industries to help it achieve the goal of recycling PET materials by 2025 in 2025; and in the year,
L’Oreal company also与Loop\u0026nbsp;Industries达成合作协议,将成为全球首个采用Loop\u0026nbsp;Industries可回收PET物料包装的大型化妆品公司。

[123 ]

Loop \u0026 nbsp; foundries, which was established in 2015, what exactly did? 123]

1. \u0026 nbsp; Everything starts with the landfill …
As the birth of all classic innovative technology startups, the original story of Loop \u0026 Nbsp; Industries \u0026 Nbsp; is It derived from a garbage landfill.
At that time, Loop \u0026 Nbsp; foundries founder Daniel \u0026 Nbsp; Solomita originally treated a repair project in a garbage landfill in South Carolina. Plastic.

When he planned to deal with this pile of waste, he met a chemist from Quebec, the chemist, the chemist, It is undergoing an early technical research that transforms waste plastics into a primary PET plastic.
In the next two years, the two of them studied hard in Daniel’s car repair manufacturers and continuously improved the technology And business promotion. In 2015, LOOP \u0026 Nbsp; Industries was officially established.
2. \u0026 nbsp; breakthrough scaling treatment innovation technology \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp;

Today, most plastic production is an irreversible one -way economic model Typical representative. Plastic is produced by expensive oil. After use once, it is abandoned. In exagues, it is equivalent to throwing the value of 8 billion to 100 billion US dollars at any time. This is the silver of white flowers!
In order to make full use of waste plastic to achieve circular economic models, LOOP \u0026 Nbsp; Industries developed a real patented transformation technology, which can infinitely transform, recycle and re -circulate the abandoned and cheap plastics, and produce it. The new type and comparable to the quality of the newborn plastic quality loop \u0026#8482; PET plastic.

LOOP \u0026 Nbsp; Innustries’s innovative agglomeration technology extracts phenyl (DMT) and single ethylene glycol (MEG) from waste plastic raw materials. LOOP \u0026#8482; DMT and LOOP \u0026#8482; MEG is general chemicals, which will be re -aggregated into Loop \u0026#8482; PET plastic made of 100 % recycled materials.

Loop \u0026#8482; Patent PET purity extremely high: the quality of the recipient is comparable to the newborn plastic, which fully conforms FDA food contact use packaging requirements
, such as the material used to produce mineral water bottle.

This technology can be reconstructed in various forms of waste plastic, including polyester fiber, non -color plastic, and opaque plastic, which can achieve a complete solution of waste plastic and achieve zero energy input.

Specifically, Loop \u0026 Nbsp; Industries can make polyester textiles that can, clothes, clothes and other polyester textiles that may contain pigments, dyes or additives, Even ocean plastics corroded by sunlight and salt are transformed into products that meet the requirements of FDA food -grade packaging.
Therefore, LOOP \u0026 Nbsp; Industries realized plastic production to recycling economic models, leaving plastic production from fossil fuels, and using waste plastic to create new types of recycled plastics.

3. \u0026 nbsp; Relying on industry cooperation to increase new technology promotion \u0026 nbsp;

It has advanced technology. If it cannot be well promoted for business, it cannot quickly stand out in the fierce market competition. Especially under the premise of the current economic globalization, independenceDevelopment is more powerful, and the development of a group is the last word.
Before the startup, you need to use the power of the same company, even if it is a big international brand, it will adopt a group model. From the merger of Tao DuPont in the previous two years, the merger of Sinochem Group and China Chemical Group, by last year, by last year, by last year Basf acquisitions in the Netherlands 3D printing material company Innofil3D, and then to the recently rushing Saudi Arabia acquisition of the SABIC incident, all prove the coordination force of peer cooperation and the importance of expanding the integration of industry networks and resource integration.

and LOOP \u0026 Nbsp; Industries undoubtedly saw such an opportunity to make a company jump.
In September 2018, Loop \u0026 Nbsp; Industries announced that it was established with the subsidiary of Thai -petrified product listed company IVL, and set up a joint venture for production and business promotion of LOOP technology to meet the technology of LOOP to meet the global beverage and consumer goods company. 100 % sustainable regeneration PET and polyester fibers are growing in market demand.
This joint venture combines IVL’s global production network with LOOP \u0026 Nbsp; Industries proprietary technology, and is committed to creating a leading circular economy enterprise with sustainable and regenerative PET resin and polyester fiber.
In the ratio of 50:50, joint venture companies will be able to transform existing facilities and use LOOP proprietary technology to produce LOOP \u0026#8482; PET resin and polyester fibers,
and plan to be at 2020 Commercial commissioning began in the first quarter of the year.

\u0026 nbsp;

4. \u0026 nbsp; Insist on increasing the investment in scientific research and development
Loop \u0026 nbsp; Industries The partners of well -known brands are also related to their continuous adherence to the research and development of technology. This is evident from the company’s recent financial report data.

According to the company’s recent financial statements, as of the six months ended August 31, 2018,
The company’s research and development costs increased compared with the same period last year. A $ 700,000, reaching $ 2.1 million.

Conclusion It seems that plastic manufacturers must achieve a qualitative leap and become the favor of big names. Opportunities, developing core technologies, and using the industry’s synergy and resource integration to meet market needs and global sustainable development trends in the circular economy model.