SPUN BONDED Fabric high

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; The 4+1 flat -type cooler (IBC) launched by Brownton has provided the top cooling effect for the production of rubber membranes, and it is very easy to use. This machine has five sets of nozzles that can be adjusted separately. The cold air is sent to the membrane foam. The operation adjustment can be used to do whatever you want, suitable for various plastic processing, and ensure the accuracy of the flat size.
\u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; this cooler has several air flow adjustables, which can fully use the cooling efficiency. When the polymer is poured into the inside and outside of the mold, the nozzle can be cooled in advance to increase the stability of the melting material from the lsnh cable extrusion line efficiency. \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; Mr. Bill \u0026 nbsp; Wybenga said: \”Multi -layer co -squeezing precision blowing industry, whether it is Maomal, nylon, Eovh, or EVA raw material, if you can use this this, The company’s 4+1 cooler has a very good effect. \”He said that the unique performance of the IBC cooler can improve the strength of various raw materials from low -density PE to Maomai metal and other raw materials. Mr. WyBenga added that the IBC cooler has higher efficiency. \”Experiment shows that the cooling effect of 4+1 cooler is 15 % higher than that of the company’s three sets of flat -type cooler\”