Special ZSK series dual screw extrusion machine tailor -made for China Conage Twin Screw Extruder

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Kobeon ZSK MC18 dual screw extrusion machine, which is as high as 18 nm/cm \u0026 salp3; is a representative of high -quality, high output and high economic benefits. Photos: 12 Due to the continuous growth of localized demand for localization, Cobelon began to assemble its well -known high -torque and high -yield ZSK MC18 dual screw extrusion machine in Nanjing in 2018. With the ZSK 58 MC18 with a screw diameter of 58mm and the ZSK 70 MC18 with a screw diameter of 70mm diameter 70mm, Coston can now meet customer needs more quickly. The local assembly ZSK MC18 extrusion machine is a equipment built by Costaron to meet the demand for high -efficiency production, maximizing production, and high -quality final products. Customers can benefit from localized value -added, transportation and tariff saving and fast delivery. Even after -sales service will be customized according to local inventory components and demand. As a result, the well -known and high -quality, high -quality, localized assembled ZSK MC18 device is obtained. Nanjing production base has a high -standard quality system. Because the Cobelon Nanjing plant has strengthened the manufacturing capacity in the past few years, and strictly controlled quality control, it is possible to achieve localized production and assembly high -end ZSK dual screw extrusion machines in the Chinese market. Coston Nanjing currently uses a first -class German processing center and implements long -term verified Cobelon quality production standards. Coston Nanjing uses German high -precision manufacturing equipment and quality measurement equipment and instruments to strictly monitor the production and assembly process. Coston Nanjing’s laboratory is also equipped with a ZSK 32 MC18 extruder to allow customers to detect their processing technology under the condition of physical production. Today, Coston Nanjing has enough strength to provide the same product quality as Cobelon Germany. ZSK MC18 dual screw extruder Belong ZSK MC18 dual screw extrusion machine serving high -quality and high products serving modern technology technology, which is as high as 18 nm/cm \u0026 sup3 than torque; represent. The ideal cost -effectiveness, ultra -low energy consumption and high stability, extensive application scope and very flexible operating elasticity are also the advantages of ZSK MC18. The processing section of all ZSK series dual screw extruders is a building block design. It includes a tube and a rotating screw running in it. The advantage of this building block design is that it makes the dual screw extruder have strong operating flexibility in the mixing and extrusion. Our process engineers configure tube and screw components based on your specific application. Different process areas are configured according to the different requirements of transportation, plasticization, mixing and shearing, equalization, disassembly, and pressure to obtain high -quality and large production capacity. It has a strong motor and torque of 18 nm/cm \u0026 salp3; and a series of ideals of Coston ZSK MC18 dual screw extrusion machines with high -quality components. Typical application of ZSK MC18Domain: If the continuous processing of high torque is required; product processing limited by torque, such as nylon plus glass fiber, PBT plus glass fiber, glass fiber enhancement PP, etc.; mixing and decentralization of pigments and additives; glass fiber, charcoal fiber enhancement.In addition, the ZSK extruder also reacts out and chemically reacts, such as aggregation, retracting, aggregation, and direct extrusion.