Special elastic Cable Strip Machine composite material development successfully developed

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

The 863 topic \”Special Elastic Composite Materials and Oilfield Deep use of high -performance sedimentary rubber tube preparation technology\” project appraisal meeting was recently held at Beijing University of Chemical Technology.
  This topic includes \”preparation techniques for special elastic composite materials for high temperature resistance and chemical medium\”, \”high -performance septor tube structure optimization design\”, \”high -performance septor glue \”Three items of process technology development and industrialization of cylinders\”. During the three -year research, through the development and application of an innovative technology, the research team made a breakthrough to prepare a type of special elastic composite material with high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, and high -temperature high -strength, and then comprehensively advanced advanced rubber tube structures Design, composite material structure design, and preparation process design, the septor tube that can resist 40MPa pressure difference at 160 ° C. The result passed the tablet test (MA qualification) of the Central Plains Oilfield, and has been successfully used in some oil wells in the Central Plains Oilfield and Shengli Oilfield, which has achieved significant social benefits and economic benefits. The achievement also declared two Chinese invention patents, established a production base with a annual output of 100 tons of special elastic composite materials and a production base of 10,000 seal sealing tube annual output, and sold nationwide.
After listening to various work reports of the research group and conducted detailed inquiries on various questions, the participating experts highly evaluated the topic, arguing that the overall technical level reached the international leading level.
It is reported that this topic is a research center of Zhang Liqun, a research center of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology The hospital is jointly borne. The topic was also supported by China Petroleum Natural Gas Co., Ltd. Youth Innovation Fund. The results were successfully passed through PIPE EXTRUSION LINE The acceptance of the 863 high -tech new structural material theme group in 2005, and reported the major results of 863. The promotion and application of this result will make important contributions to my country’s oil mining industry. \u0026 nbsp;