Solar racing runs fast, and secrets are all in carbon fiber Fabric Machine!

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Emperor’s advanced carbon fiber -developed materials can make solar cars lighter and faster. Emperor’s advanced carbon fiber -developed materials can make solar cars lighter and faster. The Emperor Group announced that its advanced high -performance materials and technology will be applied to the latest solar -driving carbon fiber car developed by Kogakuin University. The car will participate in the world’s largest solar car competition in Australia from October 8th-15th, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. These materials and technologies are TOHO TENAX CO (TOHO TENAX CO) of Emperor Co., Ltd., Emperor Group’s carbon fiber manufacturer, GH CRAFT LTD, and Empires of Emperor Group’s composite material structure design and research and development department. Joint research and development. The GH CRAFT LTD is responsible for all stages of the design of ultra -light automotive composite material structure, including design, molding and structural assessment. The company is the main developer of carbon fiber composite material structures in automobiles, ships, railways, and aerospace. According to GH CRAFT Xinchen Extrusion Relevant sources of LTD, the Plyzon World Solar Line Challenge is the lifelong task of Manabu Kimura, the founder of GH CRAFT. To this end, GH CRAFT has always provided all possible technical support for the Solar Racing Team of the College of Engineering, and improves car technology as much as possible, including sending GH technicians to accompany the solar racing team to provide mechanical and technical support. The Emperor Group provides a series of high -performance materials for the Solar Racing Team of the University of Engineering, including: ultra -light fabrics made of Tenax carbon fiber, which can be used to make the body of racing. ToHo Tenax and Sakai Ovex have developed an ultra -light carbon fiber fabric, which is only 0.06 mm thick, which can be used for car carbon fiber body. Panlite polycarbonate resin is used for car windows manufacturing to reduce body weight and increase driving safety. Emperor Panlite polycarbonate’s impact resistance is 200 times the glass, but the weight is only half of the glass. Technora’s aramid fiber can be used as a pre -immersion of a car wheel cover, which can achieve car weight loss and enhance durability. Emperor TECHNORA’s tensile strength of the aramid fiber is 8 times that of steel, while the weight is only one -fifth of the steel. V-Laptm non-woven polyester fiber can be used to make cushions, which is conducive to the weight loss of the vehicle and at the same time improve the comfort of driving. V-Laptm is a non-woven fiber of the Emperor Furite Co., Ltd. It is made of vertical fiber, which has high elasticity and breathability, and lightweight. Nanofront ultra -fine polyester fiber, used for the production team’s drivingDrive gloves can provide super flexible steering.The cross section of Emperor FredanoFront is only one of 7,500 of human hair horizontal section, which can achieve super fit, flexibly grip, breathable and humidity.SOLOTEX polytic benzal (PTT) fiber (PTT) fiber is used in the production of racing team uniforms, which can provide wearing comfort and suitable for harsh competition environments.Emperor Frete’s SOLOTEX is extremely soft, highly elastic, not easy to deform and durable.And because of its composition, 37%are biological derivative materials and are environmentally friendly.