Shengde announced the acquisition of D ’OTTAVIO Group’s engineering plastics and mother materials China PVC BOARD EXTRUSION LINE business

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam


Large -scale integrated PA66 product series manufacturer Ao Shengde Function Material Company (Ascend) A few days ago, the agreement has been signed to acquire Poliblend and Esseti Plast GD companies from D’OTTAVIO Group.
Close Large -scale integrated PA66 Producer manufacturer AScend has recently announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Poliblend and Esseti Plast GD companies from D’OTTAVIO Group.
大型一体化PA66产品系列生产商奥升德功能材料公司(Ascend)于日前宣布已签署协议,从D’Ottavio集团旗下收购Poliblend 和 Esseti Plast GD两家公司。
The acquisition includes a manufacturing plant in Italy, Esseti \u0026 Nbsp; Plast \u0026 Nbsp; GD’s mother material products and Poliblend engineering plastic product lines, including new materials and regeneration level PA66, PBT and POM Essence Mr. PHIL \u0026 Nbsp; McDivitt, President and CEO of Ao Shengde.The company’s important transformation in the process of breaking growth. More importantly, this acquisition can help us provide customers with more extensive high -performance and sustainable development product portfolios to meet the growing needs. \”
The integrated PA66 product series producer AScend (Ascend) announced the signing agreement a few days ago to acquire Poliblend \u0026 Nbsp; Esseti \u0026 Nbsp; GD companies from D’OTTAVIO Group.
Poliblend Company was founded in 1999. It mainly provides modified plastic and parent products, as well as concentrated parent grains containing colors and additives to improve the appearance and final performance of plastic products, packaging and fiber; and and final performance. And and the final performance; and I have obtained many certifications such as ISO \u0026 Nbsp; 9001, ISO \u0026 Nbsp; 14001 and ISO \u0026 Nbsp; TS \u0026 Nbsp; 16949. The ability of continuous products has brought revolutionary changes to Ao Shengde. \”\u0026 Nbsp;
Mr. Giancarlo \u0026 Nbsp; D’Ottavio, the president of Poliblend, will continue to be responsible for PoliBlend’s business and join the Ao Shengde European management team.
D’OTTAVIO said,\” This is \” PoliBlend’s exciting chapter. Combining the professional capabilities of both parties can create more business opportunities, expand our business scope, and continue to provide customers with high quality products and services trusting. \” The terms of the transaction are not disclosed. This acquisition is expected to be completed in the second quarter.