Several common diagnostic methods for FILAMENT MACHINE Obstacles

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Several common diagnostic methods of injection molding machine injection molding machine hydraulic system failure

Diagnosis of the hydraulic system in the injection molding machine injection molding machine on the spot is often limited by on -site conditions. Essence This article introduces several on -site injection molding machine injection molding machine hydraulic system fault diagnosis methods for reference.
1. \u0026 nbsp; intuitive inspection method
For some simpler faults, components can be checked by watching, hand molds, ear listening and smelling.
For example, through visual inspections, you can find failure imagination such as rupture, oil leakage, loosening and deformation, so that you can repairs or replace accessories in time; hold the oil pipe (especially the rubber pipe) with your hands, and when the pressure oil flows out of the time, it is out of date. There will be a vibration feeling, and there is no such phenomenon when the hydraulic is too much or the pressure is too low. In addition, hand touch can also be used to determine whether the lubrication of the hydraulic element with mechanical transmission parts is good. Use your hand to feel the temperature of the component case. Damage points and degree of damage, such as hydraulic pump vacation, opening valve opening, component card issuance, etc., will emit an unusual sound such as water or \”water hammer sound\”; When the smell is made for the reason, the fault point can be judged by smelling.
2. \u0026 nbsp; For the lack of diagnostic instruments at the maintenance site or is not suitable for disassembly, it should be adopted. First remove the suspected faulty places, change the new parts or other machines to work normally, the same model of the same model for testing, and see if the fault can be excluded, you can make a diagnosis. Use the fault to check the diagnosis method. Although it is limited by factors such as structure, on -site component reserves or inconvenience, it may be more troublesome to operate, but for small volumes such as balance valves, overflow valves, and one -way valve, etc. It is more convenient to use this method for disassembly components. The diagnostic method can avoid the reduction of hydraulic components due to blind disassembly. If the failure does not need to be checked, the suspicious main safety valve is directly disassembled and disassembled it. If there is no problem with the component, it may affect its performance after the installation.
3. \u0026 nbsp; Instrument measurement and inspection method
Instrument measurement and inspection method is to determine the system’s failure point by the pressure, flow and oil temperature measurement of the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine hydraulic system. In general on -site testing, due to the failure of the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine’s injection molding machine, it is often shown in insufficient pressure and is easy to detect; the detection of traffic is more difficult, and the size of the flow can only be made by the rapid and slow judgment of the movement of the component movement. Essence Therefore, in the on -site detection, the method of detecting system pressure is used more.
4. \u0026 nbsp; Principles reasoning method
The basic principles of the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine of the engineering machinery injection molding machine are using different hydraulic elements and the hydraulic system according to the injection molding machine injection molding machineThe circuit combination is matched. When a fault is faulty, the analysis and reasoning can be based on this. The part and cause of the fault are preliminarily determined. Adjust and match the power of the engine, so that the engine can work normally at the best working point and play maximum efficiency. Therefore, it can be considered that the power of the engine is equal to the fixed value, and the output power of the engine N hair is equal to the input power N of the hydraulic pump ground.
n entering \u003d pq/612η
type \u0026 nbsp; P — the output pressure of the hydraulic pump
Q —— the output flow of the hydraulic pump
η —— the working efficiency of the hydraulic pump
From It can be seen that the relationship between P and Q is the relationship between a dual curve (see Figure 2 curve 1). Analyze the structure of the hydraulic pump, determine the position of this relationship curve and the starting point. The rigidity of the spring. If the rigidity of the spring changes, the starting point of the relationship curve is changed (see Figure 2 curve 2); it is clear that at this time
n hair \u003d n in ≥pq/612η
At the time, when the output pressure of the hydraulic pump reaches the rated value, the output flow is not adjusted to the matching value, and the engine is in a super load working state. After the disintegration servo hydraulic cylinder was found, the spring was broken, which caused the above failure. After replacing the spring, the work returned to normal.
For the faulty of the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine in the field, according to the working principle of the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine, according to the order of the power component → the control element → the order of the execution component, the cause of the fault on the system diagram is positive on the system diagram. If the work of mobilization is weak, the principle analysis believes that the weakness of work is generally caused by the decrease in oil pressure or decreased flow. From the perspective of the system diagram, the possible factors that cause pressure decreases or traffic decreases are: one is the fuel tank, such as oil deficiency, oil absorbers blocked, and poor ventilations
PIPE EXTRUSION LINE ; second, hydraulic pump Internal leakage, such as the increasing gap between the hydraulic pump plunger; the third is that the main safety valve pressure adjustment of the main safety valve on the manipulating valve is too low or the internal leakage is severe; Fifth, poor oil return roads and so on. After considering these factors, some factors are eliminated according to the existing test results, and the range of failure is reduced until the failure point is found and excluded. During the diagnosis of the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine injection molding machine, according to the system working principle, it is necessary to master some rules or common sense; the first is to analyze whether the fault process is gradient or mutation. Change and lose the original function; if it is a mutation, it is often caused by the sudden damage of the components. Second, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is easy to lose or non -loss parts, or a sports parts under high -frequency re -loading, or a hydraulic element that is susceptible to failure.Such as the plunger of the hydraulic pump, the distribution disk a second, the variable servo and the hydraulic cylinder.In the low frequency, light load, or basic relative static component, it is not easy to fail, such as the directional valve, the order valve, the slide valve, etc., it is not easy to fail.After mastering these rules, it can play a positive role in judging the faulty part.