Sales rose to Difference BetWeen AC Wire and DC Wire to 14.6 billion euros, Koschuko’s 2018 performance is strong

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] 3.4%[123 ]
Keithchuang’s 2018 financial report key data. 1.6%[1.6%[1.6%[ 123] , continue to grow
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Photo: 科思创2018年财报关键数据。 \u0026 nbsp;
123] Yesterday, Koschu Capital released its 2018 financial report. The key financial data is as follows: Core business sales increased
Group sales rose to
billion euros, a year -on -year increase
Net profit

100 million euros, a year -on -year decrease

  • ] Decline to 32 billion euros
  • Portary dividend per share 2.40 [ 123] Through stock repurchase and dividend distribution will be about
  • 17 Return to shareholders The financial guidance of the year Affected by further growth and decline in profit margins
  • \”The market’s demand for our high -tech materials is still strong. This is our long -term profitable growth of long -term profitable growth The firm foundation is especially in the increasingly challenging market environment. \”CEO Dr. Shi Lewen ( Dr. Markus Steilemann
  • ) \u0026 nbsp; explained, \”
  • 2018 [123 [123 ] In the year, we have released important strategic measures to actively promote this growth path, including investment in specific business areas that have exceeding the prospects of the average level of demand, and pay more attention to the improvement of efficiency. \”
  • ]需求进一步增长,而利润率下降

虽然2018[123 ] A lot of changes, Koschuang also achieved steady results on other key indicators. Due to the increase in investment, freely operating cash flow ( focf ) 1

7 100 million euros. Has occupied capital returns

\u0026 nbsp; ( ) to 29.5%[ 123] , far surpassed Number Average annual. 2018 \u0026 nbsp; Fiscal year At the end of the year net financial liabilities 123] 3.48 100 million euros , continue to maintain a low level. \”Although we failed to reach 2017 year after the strong start, ] 2018 It is still a successful year for Koschuang. \”Dr. Tao Pengfei, Chief Financial Officer of Koschuang ( DR. \”In the past two years, the market supply is extremely tight, especially in TDI The market is particularly obvious. We expect 2019 Annual demand will continue to grow. 123] At the same time, due to competitive pressure, the profit margin will decrease significantly . \”

VoteFunding to ensure long -term growth 2018 In the year, Koschuang adopted ] Important Strategic steps to further consolidate the group’s competitive position, one of the key is profit growth of profit growth Investment in the field.

For example, Koschuang has announced in the United States Betton built a world -class factory for it for for it Manufacturing

MDI Hard foam forehead ] . Another example is the production scale of a special thin film with a higher profit margin in four bases around the world.

At the same time,
The company is committed to reducing Period Sex Volatility Bring The influence.

, Koschuang more than more than ] 50% The sales revenue comes from the anti -cycle business. Pay more attention to efficiency and effectiveness Koschuang also in 2018 Year [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []


[ [ [ [ [ [ [] 123] Start a

project, The aimed at improving efficiency and efficiency. At the latest 2021 In the year, the annual cost savings can reach \u0026 nbsp ;; 3.5 100 million euros, the goal is to limit the growth of operating costs. To complete this goal, Koschuang will continue to strengthen cross -departmental collaboration and increase the application of digital solutions. In the next few months, Koschuang will implement preliminary measures: a new centralized marketing department will be created to integrate the market and dissemination functions of various segments around the world. Digitalization Transformation Initial scale


From digital@covestro Strategic project integration [ 123] All digital activities,

The aimed at Promoting the group’s digitalization Transformation Transformation 123] . Preliminary success in recent months Sales and marketing channels are continuously expanded, new [ 123] The sales platform was established.

2018[123 ] , with the help of high -performance computer system, a global team Zheng Dedicated

Realizing in the field of research and development
Fast and more efficient application development. In the field of ] New software solution to achieve predictive maintenance and equipment maintenance. Stock Votat 123] Plan 2018 In the year, Koschuang continued Implementing a stock repurchase plan that started the previous year. The company repurchased a total of more than the issue of the issued share capital 9.8% , with a value of about 15 billion euros. Therefore, including dividend distribution, Koschuang returned to shareholders last year 17 100 million euros. Directors plan to The upcoming annual shareholders meeting

proposed a new plan , repurchase up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to most, the repurchase of repurchase Total share capital 10% Inventory stocks . 所有部门均实现销量增长

[123 ] Polyurethane The business sector

Business [ 123] Sales Performance Stable, realize 0.8%

] slightly increased.


  • 2017 [ 123] Compared with the year, eBitda \u0026 nbsp; decrease 19.1% [123 ] to 17.63 billion euros. Despite
    Total sales and average sales prices for the whole year
[ [ 123], these growth still cannot offset the negative impact of increasingly fierce competition, This effect is 2018 In the fourth quarter of the year particularly obvious . In addition 2017 Fortune Obtaining non -recurring benefits is also 2018 [ [ [ [ [ [ [ 123] Year Editda
The reasons for the decline.
Polycarbonate Business sector core Business sales increased 3.0% . EBITDA \u0026 nbsp; increase 21.5 %


  • billion euros . The reasons for rising profits include: the overall positive profit margin trend, the increase in total sales, and the income brought by the sale of American board business. But in the fourth quarter of 2018 , Profit [ 123] The increasingly harsh competition environment Affected.
Coatings , adhesive Special The chemical business sector Business Sales increase 2.5% .

raw material price
  • ] Rise and negative exchange rate Influence, ebitda
to 4.64 100 million euros.