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123] Petrochemical business operation supply raw materials in Europe Essence
), Sabic
Sabic and Plastic Energy plans Upgrade a valuable raw material -Plastic Energy’s patented product Tacoil. Signed a memorandum of understanding (
Saudi Arabia Basic Industry Corporation () Recently, the company has been with the British leading chemical plastic recycling company
SABIC和PLASTIC ENERGY计划在荷兰设立商业工厂,用于提炼和升级一种具有价值的原料——PLASTIC ENERGY的专利产品TACOIL。 ]
Plastic Energy

According to the protocol, Sabic will become a petrochemical product company to implement waste plastic recycling investment projects. The investment project aims to convert hybrid plastic waste through chemical recovery into raw materials polymers. sabic and Plastic Energy 123] It is planned to set up the first commercial factory in the Netherlands to refine and upgrade a valuable raw material-

tacoil . This raw material will be recovered by the low -quality and mixed plastic waste originally scheduled to be incinerated or landfilled, and tacoil

Production. The new factory is expected to start commercial investment in the year in 2021 . Sabic said that the establishment of the factory is sabic ] It is an important milestone, showing the company’s adoption of commitments, establishing a circular economy, and ensuring that sustainable goals are achieved. The company’s sustainable general manager frank kuijpers said: \”Sustainability is


The core value of this time, the agreement signed this time further proves that the recyclable economy is us. Company’s strategic foundation. SABIC I am honored to be the first petrochemical product company to implement abandoned plastic recovery to steam cracking raw material Investment project This exciting project is also our company’s commitment to adhere to its commitments, steadily developing the process of plastic chemistry recycling, and make it a strong proof of raw material polymer. \”

Plastic Energy \u0026 nbsp; The founder and CEO Carlos Monreal \u0026 nbsp; 123] Said: \”We are glad to be able to reach cooperation with sabic Reach cooperation on plastic recycling projects to support its petrochemical operation in Europe. Established in Spain 2 Family industrial plant to achieve universal production throughout the year. In addition, we also have a technical team with more than ten years of experience to develop, develop Patented technology. Our advanced expert opinion will promote plastic recycling and reuse new opportunities to promote recycling economy development. \”

Previously, Plastic Energy It has successfully applied for a thermal chemical conversion technology patent, which will expire, unclean and contaminated plastics, and plastic that is difficult to recycle in general methods.Converted to raw materials on a large scale.Through this technology, plastic will be dissolved in anaerobic environment and decompose into inorganic oil.This oil will be refined and upgraded as a raw material for traditional petrochemicals.