Rose up!$ 150 per ton!Langson raised the global worker China Plastic Sheet Machine price

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam


Langson increases engineering plastic prices. The price increases per kilogram of $ 0.15 per kilogram. North America and Canada increase their prices per kilogram of $ 0.15.
] As the cost of raw materials increased, Langsong, a special chemical company, announced that some engineering plastics increased prices, of which DureThan \u0026 Nbsp; A (polyamide 6.6) and POCAN (polybinyl diite dilate \u0026 nbsp;-\u0026 nbsp; PBT mixture ) Two brand engineering plastic price increase plans have taken effect. PBT price increase per kilogram of price is as follows:
Polyamide 6.6 per kilograms of prices is 0.6 euros, and areas affected by prices include Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Europe, the Middle East and Africa are 0.2 euros per kilogram.
The price increase rate of plastics of the two brands of special engineering will be higher.