Retal launches a new type of high -grip bottle Meltblow Machine cover to reduce the amount of plastic dosage of beverage bottles

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Braubeviale 2018 , the latest high -grip bottle cap design is displayed, so that customers and potential partners can be able to be able to Get more beverage packaging and plastic reduction options.
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Retal high grip bottle cap adopts a unique system
Non Woven Spunbond Machine The grooves can be further distributed on a higher surface area. Retal高握力瓶盖采用独特的制造样式,其较深的凹槽可将重量进一步分布在较高的表面区域上。
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The height of the high grip bottle cap is

19.85 mm, the same height as the standard block, but the weight is even more weighty Light, only 2.45 grams. Compared with the standard bottle cap, the weight of each plastic bottle is reduced by approximately 1.3


The bottle cap uses a unique manufacturing style, and its deeper grooves can further distribute weight to higher surface areas. This innovative design can not only use less plastic, but also enhance consumers’ grip, especially for older generations of older generations. The design meets 1881 PCO While the standard high grasping power, it also retains the original hard level of the bottle cap. In addition, the design also simplifies the process of the joint packaging machine, so that it can be reused to 1810
The existing existing design of the standard specification design Stack the tray to further achieve sustainability.

Cover sales director jean-NOEL BOURSIEZ

Explanation: \”We cooperate closely with the market -leading bottle company to create a functional solution.Can get higher acceptance in the market. \”

In addition, Retal

also showed a new container solution- [123 123] One

160ml PET transparent The constant temperature tank , this constant temperature tank is suitable for baby foodAnd dairy products, such as yogurt products.

Retal said that this new container solution can improve the substance of content products flexibility.This PET The container is designed for its customers. This new type of transparent constant temperature tank product can make consumers clearly understand the product content, consider Complete transparency is the key to the specific market of infant products, This is particularly beneficial to infant products.