Requirements and technology Extruder Filament in the CD -ROM injection machine

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

What can I use to injection out the qualified CD substrate to measure the precision molding level of injection molding machines? This is determined by the shape and performance requirements of the disc substage. The CD is used to store a large amount of fine information. To this end, a large amount of high -precision slot pattern should be carved on the substrate of the CD to store information symbols. It is suppressed by the injection mold injection mode), so the accuracy, quality uniformity and the stability of the mold pressure process of the substrate are highly required; The outer diameter is 120mm or 80mm, and the thickness is less than 1.2mm, which means that the process ratio of the dragon tract (the ratio of the process to the flow road depth) is very large. The substrate is a disc shape, the main bypass is located in the center of the disk. After the injected plastic melt into the mold cavity, it must be quickly and uniformly advanced along the 360 \u200b\u200b-degree direction of 360 degrees per week in order In the process, the local flow velocity is too fast, the flow or supplement, etc., which will cause some sub -orientation to form an internal stress, or the cooling speed of each part of the substrate will also lead to the formation of internal stress. These will affect the uniformity of the substrate quality. In addition, with high requirements for production efficiency and reliability, a thin -walled disc can inject such as an injection molding function and meet the quality requirements of the disc substation, which shows that the structural design, control system and process conditions of this injection molding machine are all all It has reached the requirements of precision injection molding machines, otherwise it is impossible to form such high -precision products. \u0026 nbsp;

In addition, there are three key issues that must be solved by precision injection molding: \u0026 nbsp;

① The control accuracy is within 0.015mm; \u0026 nbsp;

② The size accuracy of the product is controlled within 0.002mm in the thickness direction; \u0026 nbsp;

③ The injection weight repeat accuracy is controlled within 0.3%. The above three technologies are related to a series of related technologies, such as: manufacturing technology, assembly technology, and servo feedback closed -loop control technology. At 1000mm/s), the method and difficulty of closed -loop control are equivalent to the guidance of missiles. The difficulty is specifically reflected as: instant response, short time, and inertia. \u0026 nbsp;

In order to meet the above requirements, the system rigidity of the injection molding machine molding mechanism must be reasonably matched with the rigidity of the mold to ensure that the deformation accuracy and positioning accuracy must be within the range of the control. The injection component must ensure the PC The plastic quality and high -speed plasticization of the melt, and the melt temperature should be uniform to prevent the disc deformation caused by thermal stress. To this end, carefully design the structure of injection molding screws, nozzle and mold flow tract, geometric shape and size [ 123] PIPE EXTRUSION LINE . The electromechanical integration system of the injection molding machine must ensure the pressure, speed,Disposal, time, and temperature parameters are sensitive and accurately controlled and accurately controlled, and closed -loop controls with signal detection and sensitive feedback, otherwise it will be difficult to ensure that the disc products are kept in tens of millions of injection molding, maintaining the CD stable repetition Accuracy. \u0026 nbsp;
Although there are many VCDs and DVD production lines in China, they are all imported machines. The \”zero\” breakthrough in the injection molding machine means that the history of all relying on imported equipment to produce the CD of imported equipment is ended, and a domestic CD -ROM injection molding machine replaces the birth of the new era of imported equipment. \u0026 nbsp;

In China, there are many old generations of science and technology workers struggling for the precision plastic machine industry for decades, but because the precision injection molding machines involve the cutting -edge of light, machine, electricity, liquid and other fields Technology, the original technical foundation in my country is poor, and most of the enterprises have the technology from the introduction of Hong Kong, Taiwan technology or imitation Japanese and German products. In fact, it is just a relatively advanced electronic control element and hydraulic element. The main reason for the slow development of precision injection molding machines in my country is that many manufacturers in China can only rely on introducing technology or imitation surveying and mapping to develop new products without independent development. In the end, the gap between the level of plastic machine technology and advanced foreign advanced levels was increasing, and there were even more than 20 years. Many companies could only produce products with low common accuracy requirements. \u0026 nbsp;

Guangdong Hongli Machine Co., Ltd. has insisted on the production of all -hydraulic injection molding machines for more than 10 years. The research and development, all of which have independent intellectual property rights, and can achieve such a large breakthrough in precision injection molding. It is extremely rare in technical enterprises.