Reduce 30%-50%carbon emissions.

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Treay Industries developed an environmentally friendly PET film ECOUSE. The film is a recycling film for recycling and processing by collecting the abandoned old film in the electronic component. At present, Dongli’s planning capacity for the film is 2,500 tons per year, and it plans to sell this new product in an all -round way. Dongli. Jpg Dongli launched a regenerative PET film. PET film can be used for electronic components, packaging materials, and display components. The supply chain cycle from thin film production to electronic components is short, prompting the industry to consider establishing a PET film recycling system. However, film recycling faces many challenges. For example, different links of the supply chain lack the technology of removing thin film coating, resin and other materials, which hinders the regeneration of thin film materials. Therefore, waste treatment and thermal recovery have become the industry’s key concern. Dongli Company cooperates with the company on the supply chain to establish and operate the PET film recycling system that runs and runs electronic components. Through grinding, washing, separating, drying, reconstruction, and composite, the coating materials and resin on the surface of the film are removed. The manufacturing link uses the technology of removing foreign bodies to ensure that the film can be re -used without damaging physical characteristics and quality stability. Compared with traditional Dongli products, this recycled film can reduce carbon emissions by 30%-50%, which helps reduce petrochemical fuel and waste plastic. Ecouse is a regenerative material product brand launched by Dongli in 2015. Dongli uses the turntable waste of the manufacturing process as the raw material for film production. Dongli will use the recycled materials provided by customers to accelerate the research and development innovation of recycled film.