Recycling 100,000 tons of HDPE each year!Guolong regeneration was regenerated by the FDA RHEXTRUDED PLASTICS TEMPERATUE Controlsdpe

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an RHDPE particle product without any objections (NOL) to Wuzhou Guolong Renewal Resources Development Co., Ltd. It is reported that the RHDPE product of Guolong has officially passed the US FDA audit and certification, and confirmed that Guolong’s RHDPE particles can reach all food types of HDPE containers, which meet the requirements of the FDA use requirements. Guolong 1.PNG Guolong Regeneration Company’s second non -objection letter (picture derived from Guolong) Guolong 2.PNG (picture derived from Guolong) HDPE after 2021 One of the main projects of Guolong Company, the whole line introduces the Austrian EREMA (Erica) company’s food -grade HDPE mitochor cabbage. Recycling 100,000 waste HDPE plastics (that is, waste daily bottle, oil bottle, fruit juice bottle, milk bottle, etc.), can produce 30,000 tons of food -grade HDPE regeneration particles, and 50,000 tons of annual chemical -grade HDPE regeneration particles. Guolong 3.PNG (pictured from Guolong) It is understood that during the development of Guolong, the School of Environment of the University of Tsinghua University and the School of Food of Jinan University launched a multi -level cooperation to launch scientific research topics such as project planning, process technology, product development. Cooperation with special research on recycling plastic circulation and the treatment of plastic pollution control; carrying out the research and development of recycled plastic food contact materials with Guangzhou Customs Technology Center, and jointly established a \”renewable plastic food contact technology research and development center\”. In the regeneration operation of RPET, RHDPE, and RPP waste plastics, through the introduction of advanced technology and production equipment at home and abroad, combining the characteristics of Chinese waste plastic, forming the recovery from waste plastics to the entire industry chain closed -loop of regeneration products and manufacturing Production and business model.