Q2 sales revenue is 1.924 billion US dollars, Ish CHINA CONICAL TWIN Screw Extruder Mang released the latest financial report

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Eastman Chemical Corporation released its financial report in the second quarter of 2020. The key financial data is as follows: Eastman .PNG was affected by the new crown epidemic. Essence The decline in sales is particularly obvious in the end market that is seriously affected by the negative impact of the new coronary virus epidemic, including transportation, buildings and buildings, durable consumer goods and textiles. However, sales in the elastic end market such as consumer goods, personal care and health care, medical care, and agriculture have increased, which partly offsets the adverse effects of other markets. Affected by the new coronary virus epidemic, product demand in some end markets increases. The main reason for the decrease in sales prices is the decline in raw material prices. After the report and adjustment, the decrease in EBIT is mainly due to the decline in sales, decline in capacity utilization, and adverse changes in product portfolios. The cost control measures have offset these adverse effects. The decline in sales and product portfolio is mainly due to the impact of the new coronary virus epidemic. The main reason for the sharp decline in capacity utilization is to decline in sales and to maximize cash flow through destocking. Eastman.pngebit decreased by nearly $ 140 million, about half of which was affected by special materials business. The cost control measures adopted in response to the new coronary virus epidemic include reducing disposable expenditures, delaying asset maintenance and maintenance plans, and adjusting operation arrangements to ensure the health and safety of employees and contractors. In general, the decline in raw materials and energy costs offset the impact of the decline in sales prices, and the difference is relatively flat. In the 2020s, when the outlook for 2020, Mark Costa, Chairman and CEO of Eastman, said: \”Although the prospects in the second half of the year are still not clear, we have seen cars, tires, buildings and buildings, and architecture and architecture and architecture and architecture. Product demand in durable consumer goods terminal market has gradually picked up from the downturn in the second quarter. Our capacity utilization rate, especially the production capacity of special materials business, will also rise. \”He pointed out that in order to deal with the new type of coronary virus The adverse effects of the epidemic, Elman is trying to achieve the cost control target of $ 150 million in 2020 years of cost. In the current environment, Eastman focuses on increasing cash flow, and this year expects to achieve a free cash flow of more than $ 1 billion. Eastman firmly believes that the current measures will help the company return to the track of rapid development after the dilemma brought about by the global economy out of the new coronary virus epidemic. Due to the impact of the new coronary virus epidemic, uncertainty has been further enhanced, it is difficult to predict the development of the overall business and the market environment and the demand for Eastman products. Therefore, Eastman cannot provide a 2020 -year profit forecast.