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Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Once a polypropylene that sells for more than 10,000 yuan is processed into a diaphragm material, the value will increase sharply to 3 million yuan / ton. The reporter learned from the Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences yesterday that breakthrough progress has been made in the development of lithium -ion battery diaphragm materials in my country. After overcome a number of technical problems, the hospital has mastered the control technology and technology of the structure control technology of the diaphragm, and the production line of the annual output of 150,000 square meters was built. Try to produce and realize domesticization as soon as possible.
The polymer separation of the positive electrode of the lithium ion battery and the middle of the negative electrode is a key part of the lithium ion battery, which has a direct impact on the safety and cost of the battery. Lithium -ion battery diaphragm materials mainly include polypropylene, polyethylene single -layer microre film, and their multi -layer composite microres. At present, only a few countries such as Japan and the United States have a lithium -ion battery polymer production technology and have corresponding large -scale industries. Most of the raw materials required for the production of lithium ion batteries in my country can use domestic raw materials, and only polymers are imported. According to relevant statistics, in 2004, my country only cost 600 million yuan in imported diaphragm materials for the production of lithium ion batteries in China.
According to reports, as a high -tech material, the lithium -ion battery diaphragm is huge economic benefits. Lithium -ion battery diaphragm can also be widely used in film separation industries, such as purification and separation in the fields of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and biology. It is a high -tech product with broad market prospects and high value -added.
It is understood that the research and development of lithium -ion battery diaphragm materials in my country started late. Due to the complicated preparation process, some research and development is still in the small test scale of the laboratory. There are also scientific research units exploring the development of polymer electrolytes instead of the current widely used polyolefin microres, but due to the inherent shortcomings of polymer electrolytes, it is used to be used Pelletizing Line to limit.
In response to the development status of lithium -ion battery diaphragm, researcher Hu Jiwen, a Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry, led the research team to conduct a small test of lithium ion battery polypropylene and polyethylene microre membranes as early as 1999, and achieved success. Take the lead in carrying out the research on the interval of lithium -ion battery diaphragm. The main indicators of the Chinese test product reaches the performance indicators of imported products. The product trial effect is very good.